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Turning Trash into Trendy: The Remarkable Story of an Eco-friendly Businesswoman | Akhirah Eco

Turning Trash into Trendy The Remarkable Story of an Eco-friendly Businesswoman Aditi Chandel Akhirah Eco
Aditi Chandel, Founder – Akhirah Eco

In the world of fashion and lifestyle, where trends come and go, one businesswoman is making a name for herself by turning trash into stylish and eco-friendly accessories. Meet Aditi Chandel, Founder of Akhirah Eco, the creative mind behind a growing business that creates clutches, totes, sling bags, and various gift items using discarded plastic.

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Where did it all begin?

Aditi’s journey began as a departure from the usual path. Disliking the idea of a regular office job, she found inspiration in her daily life and the success stories of her father, who was a prosperous business owner. His encouragement and advice pushed her to step into the world of business.

Her “aha” moment came during a small trip to a beach near Mumbai. Seeing so much plastic waste on the shores was a wake-up call. Aditi realized she could not only help the environment but also make a positive impact through her business. And so, the idea of turning trash into fashionable accessories was born.

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Her adventure in upcycling started with clutches, totes, and sling bags, each uniquely made from upcycled plastic. Aditi’s products combined style with sustainability, catching the attention of eco-conscious customers seeking alternatives to traditional fashion items. As her creations gained popularity, she expanded to offer various gift items like coasters, planters, and travel pouches.

“I’ve always aimed to create pieces that tell a story and encourage mindful living,” Aditi says. “Each item I make carries a message about the importance of upcycling and making eco-friendly choices in our everyday lives.”

Aditi’s hard work and mission did not go unnoticed. Customers appreciated not only the look of her products but also the values they represented.

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The Vision ahead:

Looking ahead, Aditi’s vision goes beyond just her business’s success. Her ultimate goal is to spread awareness about upcycling and conscious living through her products. She envisions a world where people value sustainability without sacrificing style and usefulness. “I want my brand to be known for eco-friendly gifting,” Aditi explains. “I want to offer a dependable option for individuals who want to make a positive impact through their choices.”

Aditi’s journey from wanting to avoid traditional office jobs to becoming an entrepreneur with a purpose is truly inspiring. Her creations prove that innovation and sustainability can work together. As Aditi continues to transform discarded plastic into stylish pieces, she leaves a lasting impact on both the fashion industry and the mindset of consumers, paving the way for a greener and more thoughtful future.

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About Akhirah Eco

Akhirah Eco weaves plastic on a handloom ingeniously with cotton thread in order to create fabric, with the goal of giving plastic a second life.

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