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This Jaipur – based Student Startup Building Ethical Fashion Brand | Suchik

This Jaipur – based student startup building ethical fashion brand | Suchik

Nowadays several industries are revolutionizing day by day. One of them is the fashion industry. Fashion has become an interesting part of everyone’s life which makes fashion brands a leading and profitable startup concept. The fashion industry is not limited, it provides several fields (such as clothing, footwear, beauty products, and accessories) to entrepreneurs to choose a startup as per their interest. 

One such well-growing Rajasthan-based startup named ‘Suchik’ is a lucrative clothing brand started by a woman entrepreneur.

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Jigyasa Jain, the founder of ‘Suchik’ is currently pursuing her bachelor of Arts in English honors from Kanoria College, Jaipur and she has just given the exams for her first year of graduation.

The founder started this company just a year ago at a very young age, which got a good response from the audience at its very initial stage. Jigyasa got inspired by her elder brother, the founder of ‘Swadeshi Farms’, and took the initiative to start her own enterprise, for which she also got featured in the famous newspaper ‘Dainik Bhaskar’ recently.

Suchik – Ethical Fashion Brand

The brand name ‘Suchik’ is a Sanskrit word that stands for ‘customized’ or ‘tailored’ products. Including the tailor, Suchik is working with four employees right now.

The company focuses on cultural and ethical clothing along with traditional craftsmanship involving various mesmerizing Rajasthani art and colorful designs, illustrating the culture of Rajasthan.

Suchik basically emphasizes organic and fair trade ingredients. The company has revolutionized textile printing with ethical wood block print patterns while maintaining a solid commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. Suchik works with transparency, providing each and every piece of information about the clothes they sell and offering variety to customers as per their interest.

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Suchik works in collaboration with traditional craftsmen which provides business to local artists with secure working conditions. Suchik is known for its street-style wear such as block-printed hoodies, baggy shirts, coordinated outfits, etc. 

What is block printing?

In block printing, patterns are transferred to paper using wooden printing blocks that have been carved with the design. This technique is the oldest, simplest, and slowest one for printing on textiles. The Chhipa people of Rajasthan’s Jaipur region were the ones who first brought block printing to the state. Bagru Village, currently known for its vegetable dye and mud resist (dabu) block prints, was the original home of this group of people.

Jigyasa Jain, the company’s founder, saw an opportunity to merge two distinct fashion movements when he thought of combining block patterns and streetwear. 

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Business Strategies of Suchik

Suchik started its journey with a small investment of one lakh rupees. With little money and a strong idea, Suchik demonstrates the power of determination and resourcefulness to make a difference. 

Suchik’s market strategies are carefully thought out, and while Fab India and Gulab Chand aren’t direct competitors, they are in the same business. Suchik, however, operates on a zero carbon footprint thanks to its distinctive product designs and wide selection. Because they deal with street-style fashion, which is quite popular among today’s young minds, all of the scraps of fabric are utilized to construct tote bags and scrunchies, which are then sold.

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Challenges and Inspiration

The hardest thing for the startup to do was to find a team of craftspeople and artisans who were just as excited as they were. They also had to work together with the same goal in mind: to reach the top of the ethical fashion industry. This was especially hard for the founder, Suchik, to do at such a young age.

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