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Top 10 Email Management Tools

Help Scout, Missive, SaneBox, Microsoft Outlook, Front, Spike, Sendinblue, Hiver, LiveAgent, and Superhuman etc are the Top 10 Email Management Tools

Email management software is a tool that helps you manage, sort, organize, and send emails. Generally speaking, email management tools tend to focus on a few different areas. Email is very important in professional life lots of communication is done in professional life through Email.

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if you run any business or organization then lots of queries also come through email. Marketing campaigns also run through email. But it is not possible to manage each mail and reply to them on the proper time. to solve this issue there is a tool which is known as an email management tool. so here we see some top email management tools.

Here is the list of the Top 10 Email Management Tools

Help Scout

Top 10 Email Management Tools | Help Scout

Help Scout is email management software that is specially designed to help teams expertly manage their email communication. It provides some other powerful features such as private notes which help them keep everyone informed and collision detection to prevent duplicate work. One of its tool workflows automatically assigns conversations to specific employees or custom folders based on your preferred criteria.

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Its AI tools such as AI assist and AI summarize assist your team in catching up on cases and responding to them quickly. Users can also access past conversations easily. It also provided a free trial for one month.


Top 10 Email Management Tools | Missive

Missive is one of the powerful all-in-one email management software that is specially designed for managing communications. The company provides several features such as snoozing, multiple account support, and filters.

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The platform helps teams collaborate within their email inboxes with advanced collaboration tools such as chat, team inboxes, collaborative writing, assignments, calendar, status, etc the platform increases productivity in your work.


Top 10 Email Management Tools | SaneBox

SaneBox is one of the Best email management software that specifically focuses on business. The Platform also helps in managing personal inboxes. Their powerful AI system offers multiple email habits and then automatically sorts emails right when they land in your inbox.

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It divides emails into two parts where High-priority messages are shown in your main inbox and lower priority are moved to other folders.

Microsoft Outlook

Top 10 Email Management Tools | Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is one of the best email management tools. It comes with some basic features such as snoozing, a calendar, tasks, team inbox, and contacts.

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The company provides a user-friendly interface that anyone can easily use and their web browser and mobile app are also very user-friendly which anyone can easily use. It also integrates with some other tools with the help of Microsoft 365 such as  Word, Excel, and Skype.


Top 10 Email Management Tools | Front 

Front is an email management software that manages teams and personal emails together. so, it is best for those who want both personal and shared email addresses to connect with their customers. It also provides some collaborative features such as internal comments, shared drafts, and message templates.

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It has also some advanced features like analytics and automation on its higher-cost plans. It also provides some native live chat as well as live chat functionality with the help of various tools such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, voice, and SMS messaging.


Top 10 Email Management Tools | Spike 

Spike is one of the collaborative email management platforms. The platform has very Unique approach as compared to traditional email. The platform organizes messages into a conversation that resembles chat.

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The Platform assists in managing your emails by providing emails into a single inbox and collaborating with other people on conversations, tasks, and notes. It also categorizes emails according to the priority. It also creates a group where you can chat easily.


Top 10 Email Management Tools | Sendinblue

Sendinblue is an all-in-one marketing platform that helps businesses to make customer relationships. The Platform provides email management tools designed for marketers and salespeople.

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It simplifies the process of creating, sending, and analyzing email marketing campaigns transactional messaging, and marketing automation. Their automation tools send emails at the right moment. 


Top 10 Email Management Tools | Hiver

Hiver is an email management platform that integrates with the Gmail dashboard where they help businesses to use their Google Workspace as it were in the email ticketing system.

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It offers four types of products that businesses can use as per their requirements customer service, finance operations, people operations, and ITSM. Its software automation helps users to assign emails according to their conditions. Users can easily customize email.


Top 10 Email Management Tools | LiveAgent

LiveAgent is an email management software that is best for free email ticketing tools. It provides help desk solution customer service email management software as one component of its platform.

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User can combine and organize emails, calls, social media messages, and live chats in a single platform with the help of their tools. Apart from this, they have also some features such as Seamless collaboration tools, Omnichannel support, Spam prevention, and more.


Superhuman is one of the Unique email management platforms Where the best solution by provide a clean email client at the user’s own Gmail email account. It only supports Gmail and Google Workspace.

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The platform offers a wide range of features to help be efficient and productive in managing individual email.


Email management tools are one of the important tools for helping in email communication for businesses as well as individuals. The Platform helps in managing market campaigns, email management tools, and others. They also offer a wide range of features like collaboration capabilities, productivity enhancements, and inbox organization and they also integrate with some other platforms.

This was our selection of the Top 10 Email Management Tools. We hope this is useful to you. The order of this list is random.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Email management software?

Email Management software is a platform specially designed to manage and organize emails in masses.

Are email management tools secure?

yes, if you go for a reputative company then it is secure.

Which are the Top 10 Email Management Tools?

Help Scout, Missive, SaneBox, Microsoft Outlook, Front, Spike, Sendinblue, Hiver, LiveAgent, and Superhuman etc are the Top 10 Email Management Tools.

Is the Email management tool free?

No, email management tools are not free but they provide a trial plan for a few days.