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Top 10 Data Science Startups in India

Thoucentric, Turing Analytics, Cropin, 3LOQ, Razorthink, Zendrive, Realbox, Lymbyc, The Math Company and DataWeave are the Top 10 Data Science Startups in India.
Top 10 Data Science Startups in India

Data Science Startups is one of the emerging startups in India powered by real-time analytics systems and specialized software. The Company helps business owners to grow their business. The Platform offers multiple types of services such as real-time analytics systems, big data, data science, and data analytics that cater worldwide.

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In Data Science data scientists gather data from multiple platforms such as websites, databases, social media, and more. Then they structured this data in table, text, images, or video. Due, to rapidly growing data science startup the demand for data scientists, data professionals, statisticians, and analysts are very high. So, in his article, we will see some top Data Science startups in India.

Here is the list of the Top 10 Data Science Startups in India


Thoucentric is a Banglore-based data analytics startup founded by Archi Bagchi and Neelakshi Kotnis in 2015. The Platform provides solutions in Supply Chain, Sales & Distribution, and Finance.

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The Platform resolves every type of operational issue with the help of analytics methodologies such as predictive, prescriptive, and cognitive analysis. It provides solutions to its customers with the help of data scientists, engineers, and visualization experts who want to create points for themselves.

Turing Analytics

Turing Analytics is a Banglore-based Data science startup founded by Divyesh Patel and Aditya Patadia in 2015. The Platform offers business-related solutions all over the world.

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The Platform creates data analytics solutions with the help of more than seven intellectuals. They offer their solution to several clients such as Shopclues, Tata, Kimberley Clark, etc. The Platform offers visual recommendations visual searches and real-time data analytics solutions.


Top 10 Data Science Startups in India | Cropin

Cropin is a Banglore-based Agritech platform Founded by Kunal Prasad and Krishna Kumar in 2010. It is a global Agtech platform where they build industry cloud for Agriculture, Which is known as Cropin Cloud. The Platform has worked with more than 250 customers and digitized more than 16 million acres of farmland.

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The Platform offers several solutions to farmers like data interpretation,  financial analytics, satellite monitoring, weather foresight, big data analytics, geotagging, etc. The company has secured Rs 113 crore in a Series D funding round from Google and JSR Corporation. some existing investors also participated in this round.


Top 10 Data Science Startups in India | 3LOQ

3LOQ is a Hyderabad-based Platform founded by Sunil Motaparti and Anirudh Shah where they provide data analytics for permeating big data. The Platform helps automate the process of building habits, helping banks to make habitual users across digital and mobile platforms.

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The Platform helps banks to understand the online behavior of customers with the help of Data and AI.


Top 10 Data Science Startups in India | Razorthink

Razorthink is a Banglore-based startup founded by Harsha Nutalapati, Barbara Reichert, Gary Oliver, Rupesh Rao, Murali Mahalingam, Dr. Nandu Nandakumar, and Tom Drotleff. The Platform offers AI solutions to enterprises that aim to achieve computing through a distinct accumulation of AI optimization, automation, dynamic models, and data science.

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Apart from this they also offer multiple types of customer services such as fraud detection, risk management, business predictions, etc.


Zendrive is a  mobile driving safety solution provider founded by Panjak Risbood and Jonathan Matus, Zendrive. The Platform is specially designed for road safety solutions with the help of data and analytics.

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The Platform offers AI and machine learning smartphone sensor data through which they offer multiple types of services such as speeding, hard barking, phone usage, and even collision events. The company helps more than 100 million users worldwide.


Delhi-based Realbox is a Data Analytics company founded by Saurabh Moody, Arjun Sudhanshu, and Preksha Kaparwan in 2015. The company’s main mission is to provide a distinct experience to its clients by solving real-time issues.

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The company developed similar Products like Google Analytics Name Pulse which they use as its primary predictive analysis.


Top 10 Data Science Startups in India | Lymbyc

Lymbyc is a Banglore-based data science platform founded by Ashish Rishi and Satyakam Mohanty in 2012. The Platform has a big team of intellectual data scientists and analysts. The company builds sturdy analytical tools with the help of advanced technology.

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The company helps business leaders to make decisions practically. It also helps in making business strategies through natural language-based data inputs.

The Math Company

Banglore-based TheMathCompany is a platform where they help complex business problems through expert intelligence. The Platform aims to recognize the demand for long-term Hadoop, big data, and analytics solutions worldwide.

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The company offers its service in multiple areas such as Retail, Technology, Insurance, Healthcare, Banking, Aviation, etc. It is founded by Anuj Krishna, Aditya Kumbakonam, and Sayandeb Banerjee in 2016.


Top 10 Data Science Startups in India | DataWeave

DataWeave is a Bengaluru-based platform founded by Vikranth Ramanolla and Karthik Bettadapura. It is one of the fastest technology companies that offer revenue optimization solutions to consumer brands and retailers.

The Company also helps expand market share and profitably at scale with the help of its optimization solutions. The company provides its service in multiple sectors such as  Digital and omnichannel Retailers, Consumer Brands, Food and grocery Delivery, and Travel.


Data Science is one of the emerging sectors in India. The Platform helps industries and companies to make the best decisions for their company with the help of data. These startups are helping businesses by giving new ideas every day. These startups also create jobs and help India to become the technology leader of the world. Overall the future of Data Science Startup is very bright.

This was our selection of the Top 10 Data Science Startups in India. We hope this is useful to you. The order of this list is random.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a Data Science Startup?

Data Science Startup is a platform that helps businesses and organizations with the help of Data. It also helps organizations to make the best decision.

Who is the founder of 3LOQ?

3LOQ was founded by Sunil Motaparti and Anirudh Shah.

Which are the Top 10 Data Science Startups in India?

Thoucentric, Turing Analytics, Cropin, 3LOQ, Razorthink, Zendrive, Realbox, Lymbyc, The Math Company and DataWeave are the Top 10 Data Science Startups in India.


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