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1908 E-ventures Pvt Ltd acquires personal care brand Coccoon

1908 E-ventures Pvt Ltd
1908 E-ventures Pvt Ltd

1908 E-ventures Pvt Ltd has acquired the lifestyle care product company Coccoon. The purpose of this acquisition is to scaling up and strengthening the operations of Sublime Life, also boasting 1908’s strategy to establish itself as a House of Brands and generate 10x growth for the brand Cocoon.

1908 E-Ventures Pvt. Ltd. Runs Sublime Life, an online platform and community established in 2019 to connect and reach ethical, sustainable and clean brands from around the world with today’s conscious consumers.

“This is a significant time for us at The Company. Coccoon is a quality brand celebrated across India. Its exciting range in the personal care category aligns with our sensibilities of creating clean and environmentally conscious products. Coccoon presents us with an immense opportunity to cater to the aspirations of wellness and beauty-conscious customers around the world. We will extend our full support for Coccoon to regain its rightful glory.’’ said, Deep Lalvani, 1908 E-Ventures Pvt Ltd.

“Sublime Life, as the pioneer of the clean beauty industry in India will work closely with its customers and stakeholders to bring the best-in-class products and formulations to market. With Coccoon, the company will further enhance its product offering with performance-based and concern-based ingredients and products. We look forward to growing the brand exponentially in the coming years.” he added.

“With a core focus on well-being, our products go through a series of tests and we have been quick to establish products that are non-toxic, clinically tested, dermatologically approved, and safe to use”, said, Mohit Lalvani, Founder & MD at Coccoon.

Coccoon’s products are paraben-free, devoid of any harmful chemicals, and developed from a composition of natural ingredients,its product sources came across the world.

“This acquisition is a step in the right direction for us as it will unlock strong collaborations between both the brands and drive Coccoon’s growth by leveraging the global reach of 1908 E-ventures Pvt Ltd (an Ador Group Enterprise) and their varied skilled capabilities.” Lalvani also said.

Cocoon has a wide range of products in the skin and hair care segment such as sulfate free shampoos, nourishing hair masks, hair serums, polishing mists and night creams, moisturizers, face wash products. Mainly company’s target are urban women and men those who want good natural products.



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