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WHOLEMARK – stores products of D2C Brands in small storage spaces in various locations through which Brands can fulfil online orders at the cheapest and quickest last-mile delivery

Srinith Madapathi & Laxmi Priya Guttikonda Founder's of WHOLEMARK
Srinith Madapathi & Laxmi Priya Guttikonda Founder’s of WHOLEMARK

Srinith Madapathi is a passionate serial entrepreneur, expert in creating business processes, technical documentation, and business analytics. He had 4 years of experience in direct sales and 3 years of experience as technical project designer, after delivering 10+ projects. He embarked his journey into the FMCG retail market in early 2019. He has been a part and parcel of the functioning of the supply chain and logistics all the years.

Laxmi Priya Guttikonda is a passionate serial entrepreneur, an expert in creating seamless business operations and SOPs. She owned and maintained bubble tea stores for 2 years and worked as project manager for 1 year in ALEAP where she worked with multiple early-stage women entrepreneurs and provided solutions for several problems faced by these women especially in the Marketing domain. Under guidance of industry experts, she mastered FMCG Product marketing and product-market analysis (retail).


Supply chain and Logistics are the heart and core to any D2C Company that aspires to reach-out to its customers in the fastest possible fashion”. Though supply chain and Logistics had seen many advancements, 2-hour delivery has been an Achilles heel. As well-versed Retailed Distributors, Srinith and Laxmi have complete understanding of every minute element of the entire Supply chain and logistics. So, they took this as a challenge and started their groundwork. Their previous experience added much more essence to their research which was a benefit for them. After conducting extensive research over all the models of Supply chain and logistics in the world they drew inferences and came up with the concept of “Nano Warehousing” exclusively for D2C businesses naming it “WHOLEMARK”.

The knowledge and experience Srinith Madapathi has gained helped him to lay foundation to of WholeMark. Laxmi Priya Guttikonda is co-founder of WholeMark and handles warehouse management, End-mile Logistics, and other operations.

Their concept of “Nano Warehouse” is the most unique model amongst the ones in the market. Their central idea is “The closer we are, the faster we deliver”. The idea is to store the inventory of D2C Companies in the city itself unlike others who store in city outskirts. By doing so, the moment an online order is received, the nearest WholeMark Nano Warehouse is updated the same. Team will be on-board and the delivery agent will be all set for a 2-hour delivery. For this sole purpose e have expanded our network of Nano Warehouse hubs across the entire Hyderabad city. We have been successful in integrating our clients, warehouses and customers and could bring them to a single platform. Not a single delivery of ours had an order fulfilment time more than 2 hours.

WHOLEMARK – The Efficient Supply Chain

WholeMark Nano Warehouses are spread across the city. WholeMark store the D2C Client’s inventory in their Nano Warehouses based on the history of their order density. As soon as an order pops up, the closest Nano Warehouse is updated the same. Pick-Pack-deliver duties are assigned. Their delivery agent will be on his way. Customers can have their order on their door steps within 2 hours. “Offering the least order fulfilment time makes us unique”.

WholeMark – Nano Warehousing & Logistics

WholeMark provides top quality storage infrastructure and offers seamless under 2-hour end- mile deliveries for D2C Businesses. They have achieved this by bridging the gap between storage hubs and delivery mechanisms by the concept of “Nano Warehousing”. Nano Warehouses are their storage hubs which are strategically wide spread across the entire city. Their single Nano Warehouse can handle the deliveries up to a radius of 10 Kilometres. Henceforth, they have succeeded in reaching customers from every nook and corner of the city. The Order fulfilment time of each online order is less than 2 hours. They keep their clients updated with every single step in the entire process starting from receiving their inventory to the POD’s.


The toughest challenge ahead (as of now) is to reach out to top “D2C Businesses”. WholeMark immediate plan of action is to reach out to the D2C’s in any possible fashion. Whole Mark is the first Nano Warehousing Company with integrated supply chain and logistics in our country. The concept itself is very new and exciting one.

Srinith and Laxmi believe in “Higher the cliff better the view”. WholeMark has accomplished its preliminary target of maintaining the WMNW’s across the cities. PAN India is their target. Currently they are growing and expanding our out-reach by increasing the number of Nano Warehouses.

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