Sunday, September 25, 2022
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Jaipur Social – a virtual community platform to help unorganized sector

A 20 year old guy Aashish Bohra loves to travel, create and explore. He is a Co-founder of ” Jaipur Social “. Jaipur Social is a community based platform. Its just been around for 14 months since Aashish Bohra & Tavishi Batwara started this community.

Just another day of lockdown Aashish Bohra was sitting with his friend, talking about the scenario of Jaipur. They were talking about the artist community of Jaipur which is very unorganized. There is no such organised platform where the artist come and explore their talent. This is how Jaipur Social to an existent. Jaipur Social started with artist community one thing let to another then they initiate with the public community then the photographer community and the last one is startup and business community.



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