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This Bengaluru-based Complete Farming Solutions Provider is Helped Over 2.7 Million Farmers in The Country | AgriApp

AgriApp was started in 2016 by Dr. Basavaraj Girennavar. A complete farming solutions provider, it provides the best information on Crop Production, Crop Protection, smart farming with agriculture, and allied services.

AgriApp was started in 2016 by Dr. Basavaraj Girennavar. A complete farming solutions provider, it provides the best information on Crop Production, Crop Protection, smart farming with agriculture, and allied services.

How it started?

Following the completion of his Doctoral studies in Horticultural Sciences at Texas A&M University, Dr. Basavaraj Girennavar went back to his family in North Karnataka, a region that has a strong connection to farming. It was instantly apparent to him that there was a major disparity between the modern agricultural practices that he had acquired in the United States and the old ways that were utilized by the farmers in India. A technological revolution in agriculture was conceived as a result of this finding. The objective of this revolution was to close this gap, and it aimed at bridging this gap and building a smart farming practice in India.

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In North Karnataka, Dr. Basavaraj began pilot programs with a focus on precision agriculture and data-driven decision-making. These projects were driven by the aim of merging technology with traditional farming practices. The results of his experiments led to considerable increases in both efficiency and productivity, which ultimately laid the foundation for the development of AgriApp.

What AgriApp does?

AgriApp transforms every smartphone into a farmer’s personal assistant. In addition to providing access to a wide variety of farming information, it also provides real-time, practical recommendations on crop management as well as financial help. It reduces the challenges that farmers face by providing services such as soil testing, personalized notifications, and counsel from a dedicated crop advisory team. As a result, technology becomes a facilitator of innovation and sustainability in agriculture.

Going public and adapting to challenges 

The journey that AgriApp took from being a simple one-line notion to being a major agritech platform in India is a monument to the perseverance of the company and the pursuit of a vision to improve agriculture through the application of technology.

Dr. Basavaraj was confronted with a significant obstacle by the fact that India’s digital landscape was not particularly evolved in 2014–2015, despite the fact that his idea had the ability to bring about change. There was a considerable divide between rural and urban areas. Urban farmers were able to make use of 3G networks that offered decent internet speeds, whereas rural farmers, who were his target audience, were still struggling with 2G networks, and many of them did not even know how to operate a mobile phone.

According to a proverb that can be found in The Alchemist, “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” In accordance with this, the introduction of Jio brought about a revolution in internet access by delivering free internet and increasing download speeds, which provided a significant boost to Dr. Basu’s vision.

Dr. Basu had a little understanding of technology but a strong desire to learn, so he began attending workshops on the development of mobile applications. On the app, he worked on a number of different versions, engaged in conversation with a number of different talents, and received support from them. One designer, one developer, one tester, and a few agricultural scientists who were willing to support him with content were the members first team built at University of Agricultural Sciences Bangalore, Karnataka with additional facilities at Criyagen Campus, Doddaballapur. This event became the starting point. They started responding to questions that were asked by farmers, and with the help of local government authorities and well-wishers, they organized workshops all over the state of Karnataka to teach farmers how to use the app.

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Business growth

In a span of just five years, the number of downloads for the application skyrocketed from a few hundred in the initial few months to a staggering one million. At this time, AgriApp is providing services in eleven distinct languages and is redefining the term “agritechnology” through its omnichannel presence throughout India. Over 2.7 million farmers across the country are already receiving assistance via AgriApp, which additionally offers support in eleven different regional languages. The mission of AgriApp is to ensure that soil and soul are connected and to make India greener by increasing the number of happy crops that are grown on their farms.


The pre-seed capital that AgriApp received was one crore Indian rupees, and the startup intends to attract further funds through a Seed and Series A rounds. All of funding will be deliberately devoted towards research and development, expanding the market, and improving the services offered by the platform. A sustained growth trajectory can be ensured through the use of monetization tactics such as providing premium services, expanding its digital marketplace, and even introducing subscription models for advanced capabilities. 

The Way Ahead

There is a wide range of services that are provided by AgriApp startup. These services include crop advisory services (which can be provided through chat, videos, or images in the local language), soil testing, drone technology, crop calendars for effective resource management, precision agriculture to optimize farming practices, and financial solutions through fintech for improved financial inclusion. The supply chain is simplified as a result of the operation of this digital marketplace, which connects farmers with sellers of agricultural inputs.

The way forward for AgriApp is characterized by a dedication to innovation, sustainability, and the empowerment of farmers. It is a commitment to the future of agriculture in India as a comprehensive answer to all of the problems that our farmers are currently facing.


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