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Top 10 Consumer Tech Startups in India

Boat, Noise, Portronics, VingaJoy, Mivi, Screwd, and Milesmate are the Top 10 Consumer Tech Startups in India.
Top 10 Consumer Tech Startups in India

Indian government encourages people and companies to make in India, where they manufacture, and assemble goods within the country. The main aim of running this campaign is to grow the Indian economy and attract foreign investors. later government also launched multiple schemes to help local startups grow and make them self-reliant. The government also helps in promoting local brands and startups.

With the support of the government, many brands today build high-quality products or services that give full competition to the big brands. In this article, we will see some top consumer tech startups in India.

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Here is the list of the Top 10 Consumer Tech Startups in India


Top 10 Consumer Tech Startups in India | boat

boat is an audio player and wearable brand founded in 2016 by Sameer Mehta and Aman Gupta. It offers multiple types of products earphones, speakers, headphones, smart watches, rugged cables, and travel chargers.

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Their products are well-designed and fashionable. Its mission is to offer durable, affordable, and fashionable audio products to its customers. 15 percent of their products are manufactured in India which will go 40 percent in 2024 according to the company.


Top 10 Consumer Tech Startups in India | Noise

Noise is a Gurugram-based tech-driven consumer electronics brand that provides different types of tech accessories such as smart wearables, portable speakers, smartphone covers, Bluetooth earphones, etc.

It was founded by Amit Khatri and Gaurav Khatri in 2018. It’s 25 percent of products are made in India.

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Top 10 Consumer Tech Startups in India | Portronics

Portronics is a Delhi-based consumer tech brand founded in 2010 by Jasmeet Singh. It offers several products such as power banks, speakers, headphones, smart watches, USB hubs, chargers,  smart portable gadgets, and more.

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Its mission is to offer high-quality innovation, and accessibility, with a vision of transforming simple gadgets into a fulfilling lifestyle experience.


Top 10 Consumer Tech Startups in India | VingaJoy

Delhi-based VingaJoy is a gadget accessory brand that operates as a UBON product. It was founded by Mandeep Arora and Lalit Arora. It aims to fulfill customer requirements with the help of advanced Japanese technology. it offers several products such as chargers, car accessories, Bluetooth speakers, headphones, cables, care products, etc.

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Its 70 percent of products are manufactured in India. Their product is available for every age of customers.


Top 10 Consumer Tech Startups in India | Mivi

Mivi is also one of the consumer tech startups founded by Viswanadh Kandula and Midhula Devabhaktuni.

The company is known for its audio gadget category. Apart from this they also offer other products such as designer cases, car accessories, chargers, cables, power banks, headphones, and earphones.

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Banglore-based Screwd is an online platform that offers to diagnose and fix electronic devices. With the help of their online tools users can quickly find what’s wrong with their electronic devices and give you proper information about which part is defective and give a proper explanation of which part should be fixed and how much it will cost.


Top 10 Consumer Tech Startups in India | Miko

Mumbai-based platform Miko is an advanced consumer robotics platform founded in 2015. It offers the best of technology to young learners everywhere.

It revolutionizes learning by integrating state-of-the-art artificial intelligence, robotics, and IoT. Its offices are available in Silicon Valley and Mumbai with a global mindset.

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MaxMyTV is a Chennai-based platform that offers a Smart box that brings Social Media and Home Automation to your TV. It has Wireless Sensors and a Camera that helps you manage Control, Monitor, and Automate your Home using Smartphones and TV. It works as a middleman between your TV and cable/set box and interacts with the sensors and camera. It uses Android which integrates Home Automation, Security, and Entertainment seamlessly.


Top 10 Consumer Tech Startups in India | Phynart

Phynart is a Pune-based hassle-free smart home automation device founded by Ashish Sharma in 2015. The platform builds devices that people can use with ease.

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Apart from this it also builds a device that functions as a natural extension of the human body that makes the user comfortable in blending with the product.


Headquartered in Hyderabad is a mobile app where users can connect with car. The platform offers a smart device that connects with your car’s built-in diagnostics (OBD) port and a smartphone-based app to provide vehicle diagnostics solutions. Its app offers multiple things such as service reminders, monitoring driving behavior, fuel notification, anti-theft system, location-based notifications, and other useful stuff.


The consumer tech startup is playing a very crucial role in the Indian market. These platforms use new technology and ideas to make things and give the best option to the people to buy. These startups help people in their day-to-day lives making things easy to use and making life better for the people of India.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are consumer tech startups?

It is a company that builds products and services, especially for daily consumers.

Who founded Miko?

It is founded by Sneh Vaswani, Chintan Raikar and Prashant Iyenger.

Top 10 Consumer Tech Startups in India?

boat, Noise, Portronics, VingaJoy, Mivi, Screwd, and Milesmate are the Top 10 Consumer Tech Startups in India.