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These 4 friends are turning waste into useful products | Ecowrap

Ecowrap was founded by Manoj Sabu, Chandrakant Swami, Ajay Buri & Angraj Swami in 2018.

After starting a paper recycling unit in 2015, Angraj and his team realized that there are many recyclers in India who import waste from other countries and recycle in India. It is very costly to recycle the waste of other countries except India’s waste and this made them think that why not India’s waste should be recycled in India itself & that’s how ” ECOWRAP ” started.

Ecowrap is a waste management cum FMCG supply chain platform for Hotels, Restaurants, and Cafe (HORECA) sectors.Through this platform, Ecorap makes people aware about waste management, gives dustbins for waste segregation and after collecting the waste also gives them incentives.

Ecowrap makes up-cycled products from the collected waste. For this, they trains women, provide them infrastructure and also educate them digitally for listing these products on ecommerce platforms.



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