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Best Platform to get Internships for High Schoolers | STINTERN

Stintern, an internship platform for high schoolers by high schoolers was founded by Aaryaman Sharma, Aarav Phutela & Nancy Shivani.

Stintern provides students with internships exposing them to working in offices/office-like schedules, in fields that are feasible, such as content writing, video editing, photo editing, etc.

Stintern is a group of enthusiastic high schoolers. The startup aims to provide high school students with internships. They started this start-up as they know the importance of internships at an early age. Internships are what may help students get into the college of their dreams.​

Quick Facts - stintern
Quick Facts

They provide internships in different fields so that students can decide their career path as it gives a peek inside the job done in each. Doing internships in different fields also allows students to explore new possible career paths.

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