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Sri Yasaswi designed safety accessories for two-wheelers after he experienced Road Accident

Sri Yasaswi Founder of Sri Chitta

Chitta Sri Yasaswi Kasyap was born in an enlightening family where his father started a business that brought a sense of satisfaction. The hard work of his parents used to motivate him and his brother Sri Tejaswi to excel themselves in their respective field. His parents used to be very gleeful by seeing their success in academics and motivate them to work hard. Suddenly there was a phase where he started securing low in his academics that was a kind of disappointment and shock for his parents. His parents wanted to discuss with him regarding academic performance. During the discussion, he conveyed them that his passion lies in acting. His parents accepted it gracefully, but they believe that “knowledge is power and asked me to maintain a decent grade”. And they gave him an option to go to Chennai where it is a good platform to enhance his acting skills. His parents motivated him and He started maintaining a decent academic record. Things were going fine and he was planning to pursue his passion.

As they say every day is not a sunny day even dark clouds will appear. Sri Yasaswi came to know that his father was suffering from final stage of bone cancer and there are only few months left for his father. It was hard for him to believe that his father will not stay with them. Finally, the most dreadful day of his life occurred where he heard his father passed away and that shattered his entire world. His brother took up most of the responsibility and struggled a lot to support their family emotionally and financially.

Though initially my passion was in acting, there were few moments in his life where He develop his interest in education. He decided that he should support his family. His father’s words “Knowledge is power” and firmly believe that someday sun will shine on him. With this confidence he overcame all his hurdles and stood as a proud kid in his family.

Self-motivation in challenging life

Sri Yasaswi experienced one moment where he was riding the bike under the safe speed limit, when suddenly a car bumped the rear side. Where he came into contact with road and slide to certain distance with the same amount of impact. That led to hand elbow fracture and knee damage. There was one more deadly accident which his brother met with. It almost took him 6 months to recover. He also noticed such accidents amongst his friend circle. By taking all these personal experiences into consideration he thought why these accidents are increasing boundlessly. Sri Yasaswi checked the “National Crime Records of Bureau” and “WHO” to perpetrate what impact that’s actually creating a problem to people. By checking their reports, He couldn’t even take it to his heart. Then he started researching on what is the actual drawback. He gathered all the necessary information and started building a remedy that can overcome this drawback.

“It was his brother who supported his plan and his brother become an investor is his start-up.”

Currently his startup (safety accessories for two wheelers) is at scaling up stage. Sri Yasaswi has seven passionate & enthusiastic team members to work on his project and help to scale it up.

Innovative safety product for two-wheelers

Sadent – abbreviated as Safe Ride is Predominant which is innovated for Two-Wheeler. The main purpose of this innovation is to save the persons who are sitting on the two-wheeler like men, women, adult, teen children and also animal like pets from injuries by stopping them from not getting in contact with road.

This innovation mainly concentrates on saving “Knee, Elbow and Head of the persons” by deploying the airbag within no time when there is a situation of unbalancing. This (safety accessories for two wheelers) will be helpful at the angle where the person cannot bear the weight of the bike and at a position where the rider is about to fall in this scenario. This is useful in avoiding injuries, by deploying the airbag by covering the arms legs and head of the persons on the bike.

There are many cases in which person jumps from the bike and get in contact with road. “To set the persons in place on the bike even though the accident occurs seat belts in two-wheeler perform a crucial role to decrease the effect and stop the persons jumping from the bike”. The setup of the seat belt is implemented to the seat just with a gap (1 inch) between the seating positions of person and the distance covered by him or her.

Dream and Desire

“His dreams to do something for the country” is the motivation for him. Ten years was challenging for Sri Yasaswi because there was no support, no motivation, and no sense of good path but because of his brother Chitta Sri Tejaswi Kasyap and his well-wisher, he could stand up and become entrepreneur.

Sri Yasaswi follows Elon musk and Dr. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam path and guide to become successful person. Believe in yourself, dare to dream big, don’t care about the success, if you fail learn lessons from that failure and try not repeat it again, there’ll be no external source that will support you have to be your own boss.

“When you born no one knows who you are, but when you die the world should know who you are”