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At the age 15 started Influencer Marketing platform for Brands & Influencers | Heek Entertainment || Varundeep Singh & Prafulla Kumar Jha

Varundeep Singh & Prafulla Kumar Jha Founders of Heek Entertainment

Varundeep, a student who is a very curious person & he know what to do in life. He started figuring out the business world at the age of 14 when he started thinking about local shops and how they functioned. The one habit which he followed in his journey is he never leave it without learning new things. He guessed regardless of knowledge there are thousands of new topics being discovered everyday so there is no age to stop learning.

Varundeep is Founder of Heek Entertainment and currently he is studying in class 11th Science, He is also preparing for JEE & planning to pursue B. Tech in Computer Science from a decent university in India.

Prafulla have been an avid learner from his childhood and have a great inclination towards social media and how it works. He was born and brought up in Kolkata (India) and most of his childhood included school, tuition and entertainment.

He majorly started his entrepreneurial journey when he was in 7th standard. He received her sister’s old phone since she got a new phone and that was the time, he started exploring the world of Internet. The internet was exactly the place where he found the comfort and freedom to share his ideology and opinion.

He started making YouTube videos in 2016 which helped him get a better understanding of the Internet. Currently He is the Co-Founder at Heek Entertainment & he is also actively involved in marketing operations of multiple start-up’s & brands in India.

Currently Prafulla is in 12th standard and have taken Commerce as a subject of specialization. He is looking forward to getting into a good Business School in India for His Bachelors & Masters.

Beginning of Heek Entertainment
Varundeep started his journey last year, when he was 15, due to covid-19 lockdown was implemented in the entire country when his other friends were playing games online, He decided to start a YouTube channel on which he made videos related to Fintech/Neo Banks. His content slowly started getting viral and started getting amazing responses. Many Fintech and Neo Banks contacted him because they liked his content & wanted to sponsor videos on his channel.

Varundeep came in touch with them, started talking. He always made plans about games, matches etc. so, this time he made a plan & strategy for a brand and they liked it, when implemented it got great results and ROI. So, he thought why not to start his own company which provides Influencer marketing to brands (help them to grow) and at the same time work with creators (YouTubers) after that a step led to another.

It was the initial months of 2021 when Varundeep approached to Prafulla and they discussed about Heek Entertainment. Prafulla really liked the vision that Varundeep holds and this vision made Prafulla a Co-founder at Heek Entertainment.

Heek Entertainment

Varundeep & Prafulla proudly say that Heek Entertainment is a Bootstrapped company and we have achieved till now it all started from Zero. Currently Heek Entertainment is a profitable company generating revenue in 6 figures every month.

Startup challenges being student entrepreneur
Varundeep says that biggest challenge was to convince people to believe in him. At the beginning, his knowledge and speaking skills were not equivalent if compared to what other companies were offering but as time passed, He improved made changes, learnt a lot.

Prafulla was the first one to join Heek Entertaiment and the biggest challenge for him was to find the finest talents in India who are as young as they are and how they can build a team of passionate and energetic people who will be responsible for day-to-day tasks of the company.

“The vision to build & contribute something for India” is the biggest motivation for them they said.

Kunal Shah (Founder of CRED) & Raj Shaman, Founder of Shamani Industries and a Content Creator are their Inspiration.

Family Support in their Startup journey
Varundeep says “I will not say I am successful because as I said there is a long way to go” he gives all credits will go to parents. If parents did not support him to do something different and encouraged him to think out of the box, he wouldn’t have even taken first step.

Prafulla family has been his biggest support and strength. All his family members are extremely supportive and give him the space that is needed to be a student entrepreneur.

Varundeep says that Think Big, Start Small & Act NOW! Don’t wait for anything to happen you need to create opportunities yourself just go for it.



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