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Success Story of Best Artificial Intelligence Startup in India | Botosynthesis

Botosynthesis Artificial Intelligence

Botosynthesis Artificial Intelligence based startup “Botosynthesis” was founded in 2019 by Ritwik Joshi, Bhavya Dave and Vansh Soni.

Botosynthesis uses artificial intelligence to create automated chatbot solutions. It also develops other cognitive solutions such as robotic process automations, call centre automation, marketing automation, and lead generation bots.

Botosynthesis Artificial Intelligence

This Artificial Intelligence startup claims that its automated solutions can do the work in minutes which would usually take hours or maybe days to complete by humans. Besides, its products are operational 24×7, all days of the year, thereby also saving on manpower costs by reducing the need for a large workforce.

Botosynthesis is a platform to help deploy chatbots over multiple channels. The process becomes more comfortable with the flow builder which requires no coding knowledge. With botosynthesis a chatbot can be easily deployed in less than an hour.

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