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Hyderabad company that Humanises Technology with Impactful User Experiences | Divami

Naveen Puttagunta Founder of Divami
Naveen Puttagunta Founder of Divami

After moving back to the US, Naveen had the idea of creating a family social networking site. In India, UX UI was an unknown concept and he had no idea how he would enter in it. So somewhere between all this hustle, he stumbled upon Divami Designs, one of India’s top UX UI service providers.

Naveen Puttagunta in his school he was always earned top grades. In addition to having a business degree from Indian School of Business in Hyderabad, a master’s degree in Computer Science from University of Houston in Houston, and a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from BITS, Pilani, India, he also has a master’s degree in Robotics from the University of Pennsylvania. Learning and education both have different objectives for him, whereas he has always been driven to experiment and to learn from others about things around him.

Naveen career began as a developer. Later on, he worked in QA and product management teams for large enterprise software companies, focusing on database management, High Availability, and Data Management. In the past 12 years, he has run a design company from the ground up, and have had a close look at the entire product lifecycle for software development. 

Company Journey

As soon as Naveen returned to India after living in the US, his entrepreneurial journey began. Creating a social networking site aimed at families to create family trees and connect was the idea. Our product was hampered by a shortage of talent for UX and UI design in India. Despite the fact that it was a challenge, they put together a team that developed their website. Unfortunately, the venture didn’t pick a market, and they were unable to secure funding. Specific lessons and realizations derived from this process of creating products contributed to the formation of Divami Designs in 2008.

About Divami 

Divami Design Labs began its journey 13 years ago in 2008. At the time the company was established, UX/UI Design was not well understood, so there was a huge gap between the ability to deliver great products and the ability to deliver great user experiences. To be one of the best design studios in the world has been our goal and our determination has paid off. A global leader in UX/UI design, they have become one of the top agencies.

Divami Website Dashboard
Divami Website Dashboard

Key driving force to become an entrepreneur

One of the benefits of entrepreneurship is that it is never monotonous. There is always something new to learn. There is value in the journey, not in the destination, as the famous saying states. For entrepreneurs like us, the journey is irreversible. You can’t turn back. It’s in this way that their passion endures. The bottom line is: No monotony and the relentless pursuit of perfection.


Entrepreneur’s stories tend to be similar, as you know. It is almost certain that everyone has experienced tough patches or lean times. Naveen and his team faced the same challenge, but overcame it.

In his experience, this point is crucial when transitioning from a small start-up to a larger one. The first transition for a company is when it goes from a 10 person team to a larger one. It failed in this case, and a lesson is being learned from it. As a result, we suffered and that point has now been passed.

“Throughout a company’s journey as well as an entrepreneur’s journey, transitions occur, and the first time they appear is when we have stabilized and are taking the next step into something bigger, and that’s a transition point, and I’ve had to learn how to recognize those transition points and be cautious.  Often I’m overly pessimistic and cynical, and I suffer from the same problem. However, with a lot of help and a lot of people’s support and advice, I’ve learned to be cautious and watch out for those transitions”.

Biggest factor that has helped you to be successful

In Divami journey the biggest factor that has helped them to be successful would say their employees and clients. And Divami team always try to communicate their value proposition to their clients, and employees. Divami value transparency and openness in the process and welcome feedback from all employees. Further, strategic communication is an essential part of organization agenda – keeping their staff focused on their vision and the idea that the end-user comes first, so they are aligned with their client-first approach.

Current structure of organisation

Divami’s technology initiatives have been highly successful, including SaaS, BLB, and e-learning. A methodology that follows a structured analysis is equally important along with creativity. That’s what sets Divami Designs apart from the competition.

As a result, Divami is a recipient of Design Excellence awards from the Confederation of Indian Industry and received the recent Web Excellence Awards in web app category.

According to – the world’s leading rating and review platform of leading IT and marketing businesses, Divami hold number one position among India’s UX agencies.

Target audience

Divami primarily focus on enterprise SaaS platforms, but firm has been involved with application development and digital transformation projects as well. In addition to large companies, they have also worked with several small and medium enterprises. Disruption is occurring in every sector. Businesses want to gain a competitive edge and be different from their competitors. Consumers want to create memorable experiences. Divami application provides seamless and enjoyable experiences for to customers.

Market and Future

Divami is one of the leading UX UI design firms in India. Company is eager to expand its footprint, even though organisation has a great deal of business coming from the USA and a few European countries. Divami intend to make an impact on the world of design over the next few years, so they will be seen as the leader.

Successful entrepreneur

“I would say even in challenging times, staying optimistic is the key. Also during this period, market trends are analyzed. In the event that a temporary low phase will pass, one should remain optimistic. If the initial premise of the business idea changes, you may want to reconsider whether to continue. The idea needs to be researched and analysed, if the company’s solution isn’t yet ready for the market. Maintaining a positive outlook will improve the company’s performance”.  

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