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From Hunger to Happiness: Journey Towards Culinary Excellence

Krishnamani Kannan, co-founder and CEO of

While the vibrant metropolis of Singapore bustles, a discreet revolution is occurring. A determined group of people have come together with one goal in mind: to change and improve the food culture in Singapore city-state. A significant void was identified in the market, which beckoned for disruption and innovation. Recognising this, they were confident that by combining technology, perseverance, and an unwavering commitment to excellence, they could establish an unparalleled platform that not only would advantage customers but also enable local culinary establishments.

With this, Krishnamani Kannan and Naresh Kumar Rajendran started the startup, an innovative food delivery platform that endeavours to deviate from the norm and confront traditional norms. During the preceding three years, this service has operated covertly, facilitating extended-distance food delivery and helping to forge connections between hungry residents and the delectable cuisines they crave.

The company’s founders, Naresh Kumar Rajendran and Krishnamani Kannan, aspire to revolutionise the world of online food delivery by establishing a distinct online identity and a novel approach to consumer service that distinguishes the business from competitors.

The Visionaries: Meet Krishnamani Kannan and Naresh Kumar Rajendran

Krishnamani Kannan was born and raised in Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu (India), where he was studying mechanical engineering. Despite graduating with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Bharathidasan University, Thanjavur, Kannan’s true calling was always in the realm of IT.

His entrepreneurial odyssey commenced in 1998 during his college days when he acquired a desktop computer with an internet connection, thereby laying the foundation for a small IT service business. Eager to broaden his horizons, he relocated to Chennai after completing his engineering degree, immersing himself in the world of website design and development. Krishna has been in the IT industry for 20 years, with 5+ years of experience in F&B and 20+ years of experience in team management. During his professional career, he worked in Singapore, Australia, and Malaysia before setting up his base in Singapore.

On the other hand, Naresh has worked for over 5 years as an F&B consultant, with an additional 5+ years spent in the logistics sector. He also has extensive experience in social media and branding, and his expertise helps acquire a distinct and appealing brand positioning.

Entrepreneurs’ ups and comings:

With a quarter of a century’s experience behind him, Kannan felt the time was ripe to revisit his roots as an entrepreneur. After all, he had the right mix of experience, expertise, and networking. However, his extensive professional background helped him to found the startup, which was already an established player as a quality online food delivery marketplace catering to the Singapore location. He founded his startup, and now he is more than just an entrepreneur; he is the CEO of as well as wearing the hat of a serial entrepreneur, investor, and digital strategist. He manages several company portfolios based in India, Singapore, and Dubai. Revolutionizing Food Delivery in Singapore

The smart platform was founded by Krishnamani Kannan and Naresh Kumar Rajendran to enhance the food experience in Singapore. They identified the potential of long-distance delivery of food and endeavoured to develop an approach that would facilitate the expansion of food establishments’ customer base, consequently enhancing their business operations.

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The DAAS Approach: Delivering As a Service

Through innovative customer support and a strong online presence, endeavours to enhance the ecosystem surrounding online food delivery by challenging conventional methods. The company is also piloting a novel model known as DAAS (Deliver As a Service), which has the capacity to generate income from various sources. Additionally, the entire platform is being redesigned as a SUPER APP. Their objective is to elevate both promising and established food enterprises through the application of strategic branding, business evaluation, and solutions, as well as the utilisation of market conditions to their advantage.

The Future of Innovations and Opportunities

With 1.7 million consumers in Singapore by itself, the marketplace for food delivery services that are online is expanding, and the limitations that currently exist for delivery services are becoming more apparent. This increasing demand for restaurant-specific recipes as well as access to a variety of cuisines has produced a market void that present food delivery firms, despite expanding to India and the other six main markets in Southeast Asia, have yet to fill. They intend to deploy their novel concept, DAAS (Deliver as a Service), for the benefit of all.

By virtue of its innovative nature, the startup is not only addressing a critical void but also transforming the food delivery industry in Singapore. A forthcoming phase of gastrointestinal pleasure is certain to be a sight to behold.


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