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Founded by three friends, Kala Avenue provide platform for homemade art works

Kaashvi Isharwalia, Chinmay Kansal & Shivika Saraogi founders of Kala Avenue
Kaashvi Isharwalia, Chinmay Kansal & Shivika Saraogi

Famously called the ‘Pink City’, Jaipur is defined by its art works and architectural grandeur. To carry this legacy in this field, you need not be a college graduate to innovate or invent something. Sometimes all it takes an out-of-the-box approach. For example, Class VIII students Shivika Saraogi, Kaashvi Isharwalia and Chinmay Kansal are attempting to build platform for homemade art products.

Shivika, Kaashvi and Chinmay are active members of startup club (nstart) in their school and they are motivated to do something for homemade art and artisans. They thought that what if they make online selling platform for local & homemade art with fun and this is way they found “Kala Avenue”.

Over the time Shivika, Kaashvi and Chinmay have made an investment of 8,000 (website, products, business cards, stickers etc.) Moreover, the risk they feel, which they are taking is their startup idea itself. Stepping into this art industry, they knew that there were many competitors and their idea was something different. They weren’t quite sure if their idea will be famous but they are confident enough to work hard for this.

Kala Avenue products
Homemade Products

Kala Avenue is formed by Shivika Saraogi, Kaashvi Ishrwalia and Chinmay Kansal in October 2021. In this initiative they have employed interns also to support them. Kala Avenue sold many products till now and are looking forward to expand reach. Startup is going quite well and they are hoping for more coming successes.

Kala Avenue target audience is the youth and the people trying to evolve art and also aim to sell their products to people who are interested in art.

Kala Avenue team says that they are not only selling products to our customers but to bring a smile to our artist’s faces and want our customers to think of providing dinner to a family.

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