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FitHolic – A D2C Nutritional Supplements Brand in Indian Fitness & Sports industry

FitHolic - A D2C nutritional supplements brand in Indian fitness & sports industry

FitHolic is a nutritional supplement brand deals in products like whey proteins, multivitamins, amino acids etc. and they recently launched new brand FitHolic Stevia under this brand FitHolic manufacture natural stevia plant based sweeteners.

FitHolic was incorporated in 2021 with the vision of providing quality nutrition to Indian consumer with keeping transparency and affordability in mind.

FitHolic -Story Behind

As a child, Manish Harinand Kaushik was not even aware of the word ‘entrepreneurship’. He grew up in a small village of Haryana where the actual competition was to get a govt. job. Like everyone else, even though he was not very sure about his career path. He always believed in ‘dreaming bigger’. It was not easy to start, as no one else has even thought about a start-up in his family or friends. Similar to any other middle-class family boy, he left home after 12th and started preparing for govt. jobs. But fortunately or unfortunately, he wasn’t selected. Then in 2019, he started his career as a nutritionist, trained people, athletes, and got sponsored by brands. While doing this he realized that Indian athletes are not getting the right quality nutrition and most of the brands are hiring Bollywood celebrities and bodybuilders for endorsement. In reality, very few were focusing on quality but they were not affordable for athletes.

After Manish Harinand noticed this gap in the market, he decided to begin his start-up and solve this problem. But it wasn’t easy to stand out in this 3900-million-dollar market. His elder brother, who is Serving Indian Navy as a Soldier helped him both financially and emotionally to begin his venture.


There were 3 major problems in the Indian nutritional supplement market

  1. Quality       2. Affordability (high prices)       3. Authenticity

Indian Nutritional supplements market was growing very fast for last 2,3 years and many international and national brands were taking entry in the market, but still there was a big gap in the market.

Indian sports nutrition market has been divided into 2 parts: Indian brands and International brands, people consider that international brands have better quality products than Indian brands, while most of these international brands are also getting manufactured in India itself.

When it comes to sports then 70 to 80% athletes and sports persons belong to middle class families and still need a brand which can give them high quality supplements at fair prices.

Almost every brand is claiming that they’re giving high quality Nutrition at fair prices but when it comes to verification and lab analysis almost most of them disappoint customers with very inaccurate results and get fail in lab tests and analysis.


FitHolic is a D2C nutritional supplements brand and primarily focused on Sports Nutrition with transparency as a major USP.  Manish Harinand Kaushik is founder of FitHolic.

How FitHolic Works

FitHolic provide complete transparency and mention all the details like amino acid profile properly on label of every product.

FitHolic is the only brand in India that provides lab analysis to customers to assure that they are getting exactly what they are paying for.The issue of authenticity and high price was because of the chain of distributors and retailers. With FitHolic customers get the product directly from brand’s warehouse to their doorstep so there are no chances of duplicity and no high prices.

FitHolic Motto

“We come to work every day with an intense commitment and high energy to achieve excellence. We make every effort to continually help you regarding your fitness needs and always try to give you the best product in reasonable prices to make your fitness journey easy”.

FitHolic Vision

“Our vision is to become global leader in nutritional supplements industry and deliver high quality supplements to every doorstep especially in India From the start consumers have praised our product and we expect such love in the future too”.

FitHolic Competitors

Steadfast Nutrition, Gayor Essentials, Oziva, Abbzorb Nutrition and Steadfast Nutrition are the competitors of FitHolic.

FitHolic Revenue and Investments

FitHolic making a five-digit monthly revenue and till now is bootstrapped with an Investment of 1500000 INR.

FitHolic Target Audience

FitHolic targeted audience is Gym Goers and Atheletes because there is a big gap in the market Indian fitness industry doesn’t have a brand worth complete transparency along with keeping the price in mind according to affordability of Indian Consumer.

FitHolic Future Plans

FitHolic recently launched range of natural stevia-based sweeteners and will work on it. And also planning to introduce a wide range or stevia-based products with 0 sugar and highly dense in nutrients.

What is stevia?

Stevia is a plant of the sunflower family. The leaves have been used as a sweetener around the world for hundreds of years. Extracts from the stevia leaf have been available as natural sweeteners and dietary supplements in many countries around the world.

FitHolic Stevia drops are 300 times sweeter than sugar and it has zero calories. It is completely safe for diabetics as it absolutely does not spike blood sugar.

FitHolic Stevia is Soluble, Heat Stable, Photo Stable and Stable under all PH Conditions. So it is an ideal and healthy alternative of sugar and can sweeten all your beverages as well as sweets.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is FitHolic?

FitHolic is a D2C nutritional supplements brand and primarily focused on Sports Nutrition with transparency as a major USP.

Who is the founder of FitHolic?

Manish Harinand Kaushik is founder of FitHolic.

Who are the competitors of FitHolic?

Steadfast Nutrition, Gayor Essentials, Oziva, Abbzorb Nutrition and Steadfast Nutrition are the competitors of FitHolic.



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