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This engineer turned artist is curating online artist platform for homemade products || Anusha Jagannath

Kalaashcharya startup
Anusha Jagannath Founder of Kalaashcharya

The pandemic drove several trades to the new-normal of online business and pushed them to occupy the virtual space. Merging her keen appreciation for the arts and hands-on knowledge in software field, Anusha Jagannath a Bangalore-based software engineer used this opportunity to create “Kalaashcharyaan online portal that aims to bring Indian artists together and get their due recognition across the globe.

Anusha Jagannath aspired to become IAS officer. Wanted to do MBA but never imagined she would own a company. Post graduate in engineering, embedded systems and worked for Robert Bosch for 3.5 years
In her family dad is retired senior section officer from south western railways, mom retired as a teacher, husband is software engineer and kid.

Anusha Jagannath herself an artist and she wanted to sell her products in an exclusive Indian handmade so she decided to create a platform for all local artists like her.

In this initiative her family supported. Her idea was liked by all my family members hence they were become investors in the startup.

Kalaashcharya startup –

Kalaashcharya is an Indian artist directory website where platform provide online portfolio and products listings of performing artists vendors and handmade products making artists. In platform having zero commission and directly connect them to end users. Registration amount is extremely nominal and have MSME, GST and IEC. This startup provide an online exhibition, brand name creation, logo design, online interview of artists, digital marketing support and also affiliation to amazon Karigar program, so far nearly 300 artists Kalaashcharya have advertised. Kalaashcharya also have reseller and franchise programs.

Kalaashcharya – Website Dashboard

Kalaashcharya includes art classes, dance, music, painting, making apparel, jewellery making, bag and crochet gifts and many more within a year. Kalaashcharya achieved huge turnover in a year.

Anusha Jagannath says –

“No compromise on quality, one to one interaction with artists, vendors and customers, supporting them during grievances”.

“Never chase money. Instead strive to provide better quality and service. Money will flow eventually”.

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