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Digit7 Unveils New Tech Products for Retail Customers

Digit7 Unveils New Tech Products for Retail Customers
“Inauguration of the Digit7 innovation lab at Coimbatore by Prof. Dr. E. Balagurusamy”
D-Grab, TagSquare, and GlideRobo – the newly launched products are set to be game-changers in the retail industry

Innovative technology firm Digit7 unveiled three cutting-edge products during the inauguration ceremony of its innovation lab at Coimbatore. The products are built to offer advanced digital experiences in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), Drone Robotics, IoT and 5G. Chithrai Mani, the CEO of Digit7, along with InfoVision Co-founder and President, Sean Yalamanchi, Former VC Anna University and Member UPSC, Prof. Dr. E. Balagurusamy, and Principal of Sri Ramachandra College, Dr. Sivakumar, inaugurated the innovation lab and launched the new products. Digit7 also held an exclusive preview of these products – D-GrabTagSquare and GlideRobo – during the launch.

Currently, the grab-and-go segment is 5% of the self-checkout market but is expected to grow at a staggering 37%, according to industry reports. Similarly, data annotation is expected to grow 27% to become a $7 billion market by 2028.

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“We are relentlessly developing products to empower our customers with digital. We have entered the smart retail market space with our new offerings at the right time. While the technology is still nascent, it is certainly poised to disrupt the retail industry. Entering the market at this opportune time will give us a good head start to create a positive impact. I’m therefore excited to present our new suite of products,” said Mr. Mani.

  • D-Grab: D-Grab is an AI/ML-powered cashier-less smart store for a simplified shopping experience. It uses a combination of sensors and cameras on its IoT edge to track the customer and the products they pick up.
  • TagSquare: AI-powered TagSquare is used for object recognition, behavior analysis, and facial recognition. The product enables easy and efficient data labelling.
  • GlideRobo: Smart drones, primarily based on LiDAR technology are designed for surveillance, deployment and delivering actionable insights. The drones are programmed to fly without GPS and improve inventory data quality, enhance traceability operations, and save time.

“Retailers are just scratching the surface of using invisible data streams and AI to create multilayered, digital experiences,” said Leslie Hand, GVP, IDC Retail Insights. “For most retailers, the reality of digital environments is not the metaverse—yet! Right now, it’s the footing underneath the intelligent store—the infrastructure, connectivity, analytics, and devices that enable digital twins, smart shelves, customer, and employee interaction, and efficient omnichannel transactions.”

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“We envisage the future of retail through our products by helping our retail customers optimize operations and enhance customer experience. As the industry is set to witness rising demand for cashier-less stores and data annotations, retailers are looking to partner with the right technology vendors. With this launch, we not only expect to deliver targeted outcomes but also set,” said Sean Yalamanchi, Co-Founder of Digit7.

About Digit7

InfoVision recently launched Digit7 as an independent company with a vision to solve key business challenges through the deployment of edge technologies, while leveraging its deep industry expertise. Digit7 was initially established in Texas, USA. The company is now establishing its footprints in India. An innovation-driven product company, Digit7 focuses on the Industry 4.0 solutions and emerging technology platforms that help customers enhance the organization’s customer experience and overall revenue. Our products focus on industry-specific best-in-class solutions and are easily extendable to customer needs and requirements.



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