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Top 10 Nutrition Startups in India

Supp Nutrition, Zoe Nutrition, Oziva, Andme, Snackible, and Joy Natural are the Top 10 Nutrition Startups in India.
Top 10 Nutrition Startups in India

Health and Nutrition Startups are actively contributing to awareness and providing nutrition-based products that help users in the health and wellness sector. In recent years, changing food consumption patterns have spurred lifestyle changes, which are creating lifestyle changes by providing Nutrition-based products at their Home. These startups provide lots of wide range of nutrition products. Most nutrition startups understand their consumer’s needs and work according to that. 

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Here is the list of the Top Nutrition Startups in India


Mumbai-based Snackible is one of the nutrition startups that was started to provide nutrition-based snacks. They started with an aim to provide healthy nutritional snacks that are free from chemicals or preservatives and also provide better taste.

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The snacks are made from a unique combination of local home-based ingredients which Indians like most. They have multiple types of products which are full of nutrition. 

Supp Nutrition

Top 10 Nutrition Startups in India | Supp Nutrition

Supp Nutrition is also one of the Nutrition startups where they provide personalizing health.  The company made vitamins and supplements based on users’ individual goals. The Startup asks users about their health goals and based on that they customize nutrition plans which helps users to reach their health goals.

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Recognized under the Make In India initiative. Their products cover things like supplements for Immunity,  bone health, stress relief,  liver detox, kidney care, and much more. 


Top 10 Nutrition Startups in India | Oziva

Oziva is a clean-label brand that provides nutrition-based products that are made of modern food and ancient Ayurveda. It started to focus on producing food from clean, authentic ingredients with great nutritive value.

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Their range of nutrition products is designed for women, men, and children. Their products are based on hair and skin nutrition.  


Top 10 Nutrition Startups in India | Andme

Bengaluru-based Andme is a nutrition startup where that offers nutrition-based products that help women’s health issues. The platform focuses on addressing the common health issues that are faced by women like PCOS and PCOD.

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The products are full of protein, fitness, nutritive hair, and beauty care. The company directly addresses common issues with the help of nutritious supplements rather than traditional medicines. 

Zoe Nutrition

Top 10 Nutrition Startups in India | Zoe Nutrition

Zoe Nutrition is a nutritional-based startup where they offer wholesome nutritious food products. Their products are made with the collaboration of food scientists, dieticians, and chefs. The company aims to provide nutrition deficiency among consumers.

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The company is dedicated to offering nutrition and its relation to common diseases. The brand is working towards eliminating commonly found issues. The products help weight loss, mid and body detox or immunity, and metabolism. 

Guardian Healthcare

Haryana-based Guardian Healthcare is a nutrition startup founded in 2020. The platform provides wholesale products that focus on beauty, wellness, and nutrition products. the company of unique energy products that are specially designed to deliver additional energy. Their products are full of protein, weight management supplements, performance supplements, herbs and greens, vitamins, and wellness supplements.

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Avid Nutrilabs

Top 10 Nutrition Startups in India | Avid Nutrilabs

Avid Nutrilabs is a Banglore-based startup founded in 2020, is a  nutraceutical company that focuses on science-based functional food and beverages.

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The platform specializes in the sports nutrition and wellness sector. They produce high-quality products as well they are also good in taste. Their product range of Nutri shakes, high-fiber wellness drinks, Nutri shakes, and more. 

NUTRAMARC Sports Nutrition & Company

Top 10 Nutrition Startups in India | NUTRAMARC Sports Nutrition & Company

Delhi-based NUTRAMARC Sports Nutrition was founded in 2016. The platform manufactures and also supplies health-oriented nutritional products.

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The company provides various types of product portfolios, the platform scientifically crafted to improve both athletic performance and the overall well-being of consumers.


Top 10 Nutrition Startups in India | Planmeal

Planmeal is an online platform where they provide healthy and balanced diet plans. It was founded by Shweta Singh and Ravi Sharma in 2019.

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With the help of artificial intelligence, they also made personalized meal plans according to user’s preferences, calorie intake,  health goals, BMI, and daily water requirements. Apart from this they also help customers save money, time, and effort by enabling their weekly menus in advance and providing a variety of foods.

Jiyo Natural

Top 10 Nutrition Startups in India | Jiyo Natural

Jiyo Natural is a Banglore-based start-up founded by Gaurav Bhalotia, Rajesh Singh, and Sunandini Sharma. It is a platform where they provide personalized, nutritionally balanced, calorie-monitored, and chemical-free food options.

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It was started with a vision to offer Healthy India. It provides healthy wholesome nutritious meals which don’t have any types of side effects.


Indian nutrition startups are making a big impact on health and wellness. These startups do not use traditional methods they use ways to promote products. It helps in changing lifestyles and preferences. These startups provide several nutrition products and also provide personalized nutrition products. These startups helping key players in the nutrition startups.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are nutrition startups? 

Nutrition startups are platforms that provide personalized products and awareness related to health.

Who founded Snackible?

Snackible is founded by Aditya Sanghavi.

Which are the Top 10 Nutrition Startups in India?

Supp Nutrition, Zoe Nutrition, Oziva, Andme, Snackible, and Joy Natural are the Top 10 Nutrition Startups in India.


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