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[Funding alert] Startup enabler platform PedalStart raises funding from AngelBay

Startup enabler platform PedalStart
Startup enabler platform PedalStart

Delhi NCR-based PedalStart, an agnostic platform-driven startup accelerator and founders’ community has raised undisclosed amount in a strategic round from AngelBay.

With this fundraising, the company will aim to connect the core team and build the technology, with the goal of growing this community to 5,000 startup enthusiasts over the coming 12 months.

The company said in a press statement that investment platforms such as Faad Network and KapTable, a secondary marketplace for startup stocks, were also part of this round,

Founded in 2020, PedalStart handles early-stage startup founders and helps them tackle the standard challenges of growing a business. Once the startup reaches the proof of concept/MVP stage, it connects with angel investors and micro VC funds in its network.

“The journey of every startup is difficult. We at PedalStart are trying to smooth it as much as possible through solving 2 major problem statements of any startup: initial guidance and funds. We support founders right from ideation, handhold them and give weekly 1-to-1 brainstorming calls with some ex-entrepreneurs. Through their journey we connect them with domain experts and successful startup founders to build their company under the right directions. Once the startup reaches the POC/MVP stage we connect them with some of the angel investors and Micro VCs for initial fundraising”, said, Manas Pal, Co-Founder, PedalStart.

“On a daily basis we interact with 10-11 budding founders with unique ideas, ideas are many but founders lack in right approach and execution skills. So, we built our platform around founders where we support them with basic understanding to deep-dive into the entrepreneurial and other verticals like business, operations, sales, marketing, technology, product, customer experience, finances, etc. With this content building and right approach, we want to bridge the gap between idea buildings to implementing the business idea. Investment from AngelBay, Faad, and Kaptable will provide us developed ecosystem of late-stage startups and 1000+ investors, which will accelerate our growth multifold”, said, Aditya Darolia, Co-Founder, PedalStart.

“With a strategic stake in PedalStart, we would be able to track the founders from the early stage, which will give us confidence to invest in these startups at an earlier stage than normally we would have invested”, said, Sorabh Agarwal, Co-Founder, AngelBay. PedalStart aims to enable early stage startup founders on their journey. It is currently connecting and working with over 200 startup founders.



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