Tuesday, December 12, 2023
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[Funding alert] Selligion Technologies Raises Rs 3 Cr in Seed Funding

[Funding alert] Selligion Technologies Raises Rs 3 Cr in Seed Funding

The world’s first consumer cloud computer manufacturer, Selligion Technologies Private Limited, has secured INR 3 cr in a Seed funding round from Vivekananda Hallekere, CEO of Bounce Infinity,  CEO of Jar App Nischay AG, Xiaomi global founding team member Alvin Tse along with the seasoned investor and founder of Amarante Shipping Captain Prashant Priya, as per reported by Entrepreneur.com.

With the capital raised, a scalable cloud-based software ecosystem will be created in preparation for future deployment, and a variety of computers will be given away to numerous students on a monthly subscription basis.

Selligion Technologies Private Limited was established in 2020 by Naman Chakraborty, Yoshita Sengupta, Joby John, and Puneet Raheja with the goal of bringing high-performance, uncompromised computers into the homes of every Indian citizen.

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“On one end there is a future where nearly every business and work opportunity will either be tech-based or tech-enabled and on the other end data suggests that less than 10 to 15 per cent of Indian homes own a computer. We recognize the reasons for this gap and are reimagining computing for India by building a cloud-based ecosystem and an easy-to-access delivery model. The seed fund we have acquired will help us scale faster and enable every Indian student to access opportunities that come with access to powerful computers,” said Yoshita Sengupta, co-founder and COO, Selligion Technologies.

Praho, the first direct-to-consumer hybrid cloud-based computer in the world, was conceptualised, built, and created by Selligion Technologies Private Limited.

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“We see the potential impact that the technology being built by Selligion can have on future generations, the economy and the technology infrastructure in India. We believe in the team’s intent and are happy to back them,” said Vivekananda Hallekere, co-founder and CEO of Bounce.

About Selligion Technologies

A consumer cloud computer has been designed, & developed by Selligion. Praho, the company’s initial product, is the first hybrid direct-to-consumer computer ever created.