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[Funding alert] Decimal Point Analytics raises $4.7 mn in funding

[Funding alert] Decimal Point Analytics raises $4.7 mn in funding

Decimal Point Analytics (DPA), a renowned financial research and analytics company, has raised $4.7 million in funding round from International insurance business in the GCC area.

The startup plans to use the funds to build DPA’s delivery capability, strengthen the team, and build a next-generation technology platform to facilitate its customer operations. It also rapidly grows the workforce in response to solid demand for its services.

The startup recently launched its third operating center in GIFT City near Gandhinagar, Ahmedabad and expects this facility to support the next phase of expansion.

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The Mumbai-based Decimal Point Analytics was founded in 2003 by Shailesh Dhuri and top experts from Indian Capital Markets, It provides research and data analytics products and services, including machine learning and artificial intelligence-based solutions.

Its major client categories include data providers, asset management companies, private equity firms, hedge funds, banks, insurance companies and broking houses.

The firm’s primary goal is to provide its clients with new layers of products such as CRM and ESG analytics.

The next step is to create the technical infrastructure for the DPA, which will act as the RPA for data input and data analytics. Finally, take into account the strategic acquisition of business activities that logically fit in with the corporation’s long-term goals.

The startup serves its clients in the US, UK, Europe, India, Middle East and South Africa and is now planning to expand its operations to Brazil.

“Over the last years, Decimal Point Analytics’ capacity to apply AI and ML to financial research has helped widely adapt to the new paradigm, and we continue to watch the increasing momentum in ESG and related sector. With the investments, we hope to increase the range of services we offer, including actuarial, catastrophe modelling, and risk management. Our clients will see a considerable improvement in terms of quality, punctuality, and efficiency by utilising cutting-edge technologies”, said, Shailesh Dhuri, CEO of Decimal Point Analytics.

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About Decimal Point Analytics

Since its inception in March 2003, Decimal Point Analytics has been a trusted partner to an entire spectrum of financial market professionals. They are thrilled to be able to deliver innovation in research processes through a team of experts in financial services and computing. By utilizing and scaling the values we bring into the engagements, their customers have been able to delight their end-customers and garner competitive advantage in the process.

Their team based in India shares a common vision and pedigree. It includes highly experienced professionals with advanced degrees in engineering, math, business and financial domain. The research wing is often complemented by a team of equally capable professionals at client locations with a common objective of delivering value to clients.

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Decimal Point Analytics Private Limited (DPA) is a leading management consultant in the space of financial solutions & a full service consulting company providing customized management consulting solutions to clients based around the world. The company has extensive management consultancy service capabilities in the key areas of financial research, analysis, modelling, risk management and related solutions. DPA’s clients are institutional asset managers, family offices, and data providers across the globe.

Their services involve consulting and market research services related to economies and financial markets. These services cover most economies and leading financial market analysis, including equities, fixed income, developed and emerging economies and economic modelling, funds and fund analytics, company and industry analysis and other financial market data analytics designed to secure information on the prospects and performance of the relevant market. The company’s domain knowledge in financial markets, coupled with seamless delivery capabilities of its dedicated analyst consultants, enables optimal utilization of senior resources by clients.

The company facilitates the management consulting of processes of its clients through solutions that combine its markets expertise, technology and access to a vast pool of qualified talent. DPA’s clients have benefited from innovative management consultancy services that have contributed significantly to the quality and timeliness of market research data, information or requirements.



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