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Uniphore acquires AI-powered knowledge automation platform Colabo

Uniphore acquires AI-powered knowledge automation platform Colabo
Uniphore & Colabo

The Chennai and California-based conversational automation unicorn, Uniphore has acquired an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered knowledge automation solution startup Colabo.

The company did not disclose the financial details of the transaction.

The company said the acquisition will help enterprises leverage AI to extract knowledge entities and graphs from structured and unstructured data. This in turn will ensure that the most relevant content is sent to intelligent virtual assistants (IVAs).

“The startup was built with a vision to help personalise customers’ experiences from when they contact a business to when their issue is resolved”, said, Yoav Dembak, Co-founder and CEO, Colabo.

Uniphore was founded in 2008 by Umesh Sachdev and Ravi Saraogi, It has created an automation platform that combines conversational AI, workflow automation and RPA (Robotic Process Automation) with a business user-friendly UX.

“Simply put, consumers today expect access to up-to-date information to solve their problems and contact centres can provide better experiences with the latest technologies that do exactly that. This acquisition brings together unique capabilities to arm enterprises with new tools that provide a quick resolution to consumer queries and empower agents with real-time, actionable information”, said, Umesh Sachdev, Co-founder and CEO of Uniphore.

In the last couple of months, Uniphore entered into the unicorn club after raising $400 million in its Series E funding round from US VC firm NEA, March Capital, and other existing investors.

Last year, Uniphore acquired Spanish video and emotion AI startup Emotion ResearchLab and contact center automation software Jacada for an undisclosed amount.

About Uniphore :

Driven by innovation, Uniphore was incubated in 2008 in IIT Madras, the premier research institute in India. 

Since then, Uniphore has grown at an exponential rate and today they have many of the world’s largest enterprise customers, millions of end-users, and over 600 employees located in the U.S., India, Israel, and Singapore. Each team member-driven to relentlessly pursue excellence, with leadership and integrity, never compromising, and always with the vision to do the right thing for the long term.

Uniphore Conversational Service Automation has the highest voice accuracy in the industry, broadest language coverage, best latency and response times, most accurate analysis of customer intent and sentiment, and most functional RPA integrations.

They don’t just understand verbal interactions. Verbal information represents only 7% of the complete conversation. Uniphore’s conversational automation platform unlocks the other 93%, giving us unparalleled access to a goldmine of non-verbal data. They do this through a combination of AI, Computer Vision, and Linguistics, all working together. All in real-time.

About Colabo :

Post-Covid reality requires organizations to accelerate their digital transformation with a fraction of the resources (Digital Optimization). Some of the world’s largest organizations are using Colabo’s AI-powered no-code platform to create new conversational channels in days.

Conversational channels provide the following advantages: – Frictionless: meet customers & employees where they already are, in messaging platforms, collaboration tools and inside existing apps with zero learning required to use. – Nimble: a new conversational channel can be created and operational in minutes with zero coding or complex data science. – Created by anyone: While IT is heads-down trying to keep the lights on, business professionals can create and manage their new conversational channels. – Seamless combination of human and artificial knowledge progressing symbiotically.


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