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Transformed small idea into high profitable startup | OLE ROOMS | Devendra Sharma

OLE ROOMS was founded by Devendra Sharma in 2019. After his schooling, Devendra had to go to Kota to prepare for engineering exams. There Devendra had to look for a room to stay, due to which he had to face a lot of trouble.

Later on Devendra completed his engineering studies and started working on his startup. To solve this common problem, Devendra started this startup. OLE ROOMS is the trusted community marketplace for people to list ,discover and book unique accommodations around the world – online or from a mobile phone.

OLE ROOMS Connects people to unique experiences, at any price point. OLE ROOMS is a startup which provides rooms on rent in Rajasthan at reasonable prices.


The services include Hostels, PG, Guest House, Flats and Home rooms at your demanding cost and at any location in Rajasthan as well as all major cities in India.

They are putting the pieces together to make room rental services simpler, smarter and cheaper without compromising with the quality of your living.

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