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Top 10 AgeTech Startups in India

Emoha, PensionBox, Seniority, LifeCircle, Lechal, GenWise, Samarth, and Yellow are the Top 10 AgeTech Startups in India.

The AgeTech Industry in India is at the forefront of leveraging technology, which helps elderly people fulfill their needs. Their innovative solution offers various solutions from healthcare management and assistive devices to social connectivity. These platforms provide various types of solutions. As India’s population becomes elderly, the demand for AgeTech startups is also increasing. Here, we will see some best AgeTech Startups in India.

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Top 10 AgeTech Startups in India | Emoha

Emoha is a Gurugram-based platform, where they connect a community of seniors providing various health, emergency, and convenience services in the comforts of homes.

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They unite world-class expertise with just a click, to a range of health & emergency, social & engagement, services as well as home conveniences, for elders and their families. It was founded by Saumyajit Roy in 2017.


Top 10 AgeTech Startups in India | PensionBox

Bengaluru-based PensionBox was founded by  Kuldeep Parashar and Shivam Parashar.

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Their digital pension app empowers users to create their personalized digital pension plan, enabling them to monitor pension savings and contribute and withdraw pension funds conveniently online. It is backed by multiple investors such as 100X.VC, and others.


Top 10 AgeTech Startups in India | Seniority

Pune-based Seniority is an online platform where they sell products for senior citizens. It is one of the biggest online shopping platforms for senior adults. They offer a wide range of curated products in various categories like home improvement, entertainment, health essentials, personal care, and mobility aids.

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It was founded by Tapan Mishra in 2016. They also launched a club named Evergreen, where they connect the senior community online. 


Top 10 AgeTech Startups in India | LifeCircle

Hyderabad, Telangana-based LifeCircle is a platform where users can book caregivers and nurses to tend to chronically ill and bedridden patients as well as elders. Users can book the caregiver’s service according to their location and needs.

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They offer various services such as bedside assistance, feeding, personal care, exercise, etc as well as nursing services like medication management, dressing, bed sores management, injection, and more. 


Top 10 AgeTech Startups in India | Lechal

Secunderabad-based Lechal is a platform where they Provide haptic and Bluetooth-enabled shoes and insoles.

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The offer number feature includes a navigation system, where the user can set the destination on the mobile app, the phone’s GPS is used to calculate location data, and the directions are conveyed to the user via haptics (simple vibrations) in the footwear.


Top 10 AgeTech Startups in India | MUrgency

Mumbai-based MUrgency is a healthcare mobile app that connects people with hospitals, medical staff, doctors, EMTs, and paramedics near them. On 16 February 2016, MUrgency launched its service in the tri-city area in Punjab.

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With the help of a network of 36 hospital emergency rooms, more than 40 ambulances, and 350 medical professionals. It was founded by Shaffi Mather and Sweta Mangal in 2014.

India Home Health Care

Top 10 AgeTech Startups in India | India Home Health Care

India Home Health Care also known as IHHC is a Chennai-based platform where they offer home-based quality healthcare.

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With the help of the app, users can book their service which is available on their platform. In 2013, IHHC partnered with  BAYADA to provide at-home healthcare for patients.


Top 10 AgeTech Startups in India | Yellow

Banglore-based Yellow was founded by Niranjan Vemulkar, Nikhil Varghese, and Niranjan Salimath in 2021. It was started with a mission to protect and look out for the ones we love.

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There are lots of people who don’t have the proper knowledge or information to help. To overcome this issue Yellow has built a digital tool to provide this solution to everyone.


Top 10 AgeTech Startups in India | Samarth

Delhi-based Samarth is an Age Tech platform where they offer health and lifestyle services and products for old age people.

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They have a community for the old people where they can easily interact, home health care services, products for easing daily life tasks, health-related products, and more.


Top 10 AgeTech Startups in India | GenWise

GenWise is a Delhi-based platform founded by Rajat Jain, Geetanshu Singla, and Nehul Malhotra. It is India’s first digital companion, dedicated to bringing love, technology, and respect to our parents and elders.

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It assists the “Generation Wise” (our elders) in becoming tech-savvy and independent by providing customized solutions to their needs with trust, security & empathy.


The tech industry in India has a significant role, it has a very important role in helping the aging population and improving their quality of life with the help of new-age technology. With the help of proper guidance and investment, this industry can play very a important role.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is an Age Tech Startup?

Age Tech Startup is a platform where they provide products and services to improve the lives of elderly people.

Which types of solutions are provided by Age Tech Startup?

Age Tech Startup provides a wide range of solutions such as home automation systems,  telemedicine platforms, healthcare monitoring devices, and many more.

Which are the Top 10 AgeTech Startups in India?

Emoha, PensionBox, Seniority, LifeCircle, Lechal, GenWise, Samarth, and Yellow are the Top 10 AgeTech Startups in India.


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