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The seventh cohort of Sequoia’s Surge includes 15 startups from India and Southeast Asia

The seventh cohort of Sequoia's Surge includes 15 startups from India and Southeast Asia
The founders of the seventh cohort

The seventh cohort of Surge, the accelerated scale-up programme of Sequoia India and Southeast Asia, has begun with the participation of 37 founders from 15 early-stage startups.

“Founders in this cohort are tackling climate change with the first AI-powered decarbonisation platform in the Asia Pacific; helping people with no design experience create 3D animation anywhere in the world;  allowing startups to build machine learning projects in minutes and days versus months; facilitating one-click checkouts in SEA; building Indonesia’s first fintech company for teenagers; building full-stack tech solutions for Indonesia’s agriculture sector; enabling the next 10 million developers to enter the Web3 space, and much more” Sequoia India Capital said in an official blog.

“Surge 07 is no exception. We have partnered with all of our companies at their earliest stage of company building, with nearly half of them still in pre-launch at the start of our partnerships,” said Rajan Anandan, managing director, Sequoia India & Southeast Asia, and Surge.

Many Surge 07 founders have vast experience in their fields. And this cohort program includes the former CFO of Nykaa, Uber’s first engineer in India, the software engineer who helped build Apache Hive, an aerospace engineer-turned-fintech founder, and the machine learning engineer who worked on conversational AI at Facebook, the company said in its official blog.

Through its seventh cohort programme, the Surge community now includes 281 founders from 127 startups across 16 sectors. Surge Startups has so far collectively raised more than $1.7 billion in follow-on funding, with more than 60% of the companies in the first five groups moving their Series A and beyond.

Surge 07 is currently in progress and the founders are undergoing a rigorous 16-week hybrid program.

The startups are:

  • Attentive is a vertical SaaS company that’s building a sales automation platform for America’s outdoor services contractors.
  • Beam is building a one-click checkout solution that enables a frictionless payment experience for sellers and shoppers in Southeast Asia.
  • Boxs is a design-to-build automation platform for architects, interior designers and construction companies.
  • BuyerAssist helps B2B revenue teams win enterprise deals and grow customer accounts using Mutual Success Plans (MSPs) to align and collaborate effectively with their buyers throughout the journey.
  • ClearFeed is a collaboration platform that uses AI models to enable natural language ticketing on Slack and Microsoft Teams, and provides seamless connectivity to backend ticketing tools like Zendesk, Salesforce and Freshdesk.
  • Gan is on a mission to democratize personalized video creation. The company leverages AI to create customized videos at scale, empowering brands to build personal connections with their customers.
  • Hatica is on a mission to provide engineering managers and leaders with the visibility and insights to help them build productive and healthy engineering teams.
  • Metaschool makes it easy for developers to learn, build and ship dApps to prepare them for opportunities in the emerging Web3 ecosystem.
  • PixCap is an animation platform that allows users with no design experience to create animations for 3D illustrations, games, and designs.
  • Pratech Brands helps new age Indian consumers upgrade their quality of life through better home and health products.
  • Semaai, which is building a full-stack tech solution for Indonesia’s agriculture sector, is on a mission to enhance the livelihood of millions of farmers and agri-retailers across the country.
  • TrueFoundry is a developer platform that enables startups to deploy and monitor machine learning (ML) models at the speed of big tech companies – in minutes or days instead of weeks or months.
  • Unravel Carbon is an enterprise software company that helps companies track and reduce their carbon emissions. The company is on a mission to accelerate the participation of all companies, big and small, in the global fight against climate change.
  • Whiz, Indonesia’s first fintech company for teenagers, is on a mission to empower a new generation of financial whiz kids.
  • stealth, A stealth company in the travel space

About Surge

Surge, it is a rapid scale-up program for startups in India and Southeast Asia.

Surge combines up to $3 million of seed capital with company-building workshops, global immersion trips and support from a community of exceptional founders. Their goal is to supercharge startup.

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