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Mahima Khandelwal - founder of BUBBLE BLISS
(Mahima Khandelwalfounder of BUBBLE BLISS )

There is a very famous quote which says “Turn your problems into opportunities” and The Bubble Bliss is a very good example of this.

The Bubble Bliss is a beauty product supplier in Jaipur which is founded by Miss Mahima Khandelwal.

Mahima has always had a dry skin problem and she always wondered how she could get rid of this problem. In starting days, she used to buy different – different skin care products from the market. But one day she found that all those skin products contain harmful chemicals like Parabens and Phthalates which can cause harm to our skin.

That day changed her life and she along with her best friend and mother decided to experiment with creating all natural and chemical free beauty and skin care products in her home’s kitchen.

And that’s how The Bubble Bliss came into existence!

The Bubble Bliss is the bliss of nature to your skin. Bubble Bliss believe that only those items can be put on the skin which we can eat as the skin absorbs 75% of what we put on it.

The Bubble Bliss, do everything at home from drying botanicals to packaging to support activities. All products are handcrafted with the utmost care and love and formulated keeping in mind what’s best for your skin.

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