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Manika Karnawat, a student at the age of 19 started an Advertising and Media Startup || JaipurBuzz

Manika Karnawat founder of JaipurBuzz
Manika Karnawat founder of JaipurBuzz

Manika Karnawat childhood was great, she was a sincere student. She had fun just like any other millennial kid, nurtured and raised by a loving family, had the best group of friends. Her mother has always been her pillar of strength & motivation.

Manika Karnawat started JaipurBuzz at the age of 19 when she was in college as a student startup, with the aim of providing value to Jaipurites. Independency, Self-reliance & Creating something own attracted to her from her childhood. This aim lead her to start Startup or Platform in her school days.

JaipurBuzz – a student startup

Manika Karnawat dreamt of building her career into marketing & advertising and fetch a high paying corporate job. But destiny had a different story written for her.

Manika Karnawat embarked on the journey of JaipurBuzz when she was in college. She was passionate & zeal to create something her own & to provide people with value. Being a marketing student & seeing the prospects of digital media, she thought of starting something for the people of Jaipur city to keep them updated.  She want to present information in easier way so audience can understand and access.


Jaipur was growing at a very fast pace but there was no platform where people can know about the happenings of the city so she decided to create one.

In this student Startup Manika Karnawat invested time, money, efforts & determination. She started off as a one-woman army till she had 25K followers on Instagram. Later her sister Charu Karnawat joined her in this creative journey. The moment JaipurBuzz crossed 50K followers, they decided to expand their team. Under JaipurBuzz banner they hired creative heads and writers, photographers, designers and web developers.

“Being consistent, having patience and quality of content have been the factors JaipurBuzz success. Providing value to our followers has been our motive from the start. In this journey our followers have rewarded us with their support”.

Manika Karnawat founder of JaipurBuzz
Manika Karnawat founder of JaipurBuzz

Manika Karnawat said that it was not easy to take decision about Startup. She has dropped the idea of pursuing a secure job and dedicate full time and efforts to JaipurBuzz. As we all know social media can be a scary space with all the uncertainty and changing trends. But she had faith in her vision and decision.

Currently JaipurBuzz help audience & followers to be aware Jaipur city, even the smallest happening things they don’t find in the newspaper. By connecting to JaipurBuzz they are connected to their city without having to roam around all the time. JaipurBuzz is promoting brands and raising awareness amongst Jaipurites through their Platform.

Manika Karnawat is also catering Media Events to upcoming and established brands, helping them establish and grow their social media presence.

Manika Karnawat said that social media is the future of marketing and brands know it. Therefore industry is on the exploding with it fast reach and results.

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