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[Funding alert] Insightly Analytics raises $1 mn in seed round led by Together Fund

[Funding alert] Insightly Analytics raises $1 mn in seed round led by Together Fund
Team Insightly Analytics

Software development analytics platform Insightly Analytics, has raised $1 million in its seed funding round from Together Fund.

The round also saw participation from a clutch of tech business founders, engineering and product leaders, as well as notable angle investors.

The startup plans to use the funds to expand its product, engineering and marketing teams, to execute its roadmap driven by a growing modern engineering community that is becoming data-driven.

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The San Francisco-based Insightly Analytics was founded in 2022 by Sudheer Bandaru, it is a software development analytics platform which is used by CTOs and Engineering VPs, who collectively lead over 12,000 engineers across four continents with teams in the US, India, Kenya, and Israel.

These teams use Insightly’s platform to gain organization-level visibility into important metrics like Dora and this can help them enhance gut decisions with data.

Sudheer Bandaru, Founder & CEO of Insightly commented: “In today’s world, every company is a software company, and the speed and quality of software delivery heavily defines an organization’s success. Insightly empowers companies to efficiently leverage engineering bandwidth and ship products faster with analytical dashboards and actionable insights.”

“The platform is very customizable by company size. Today our customers range from 50-member engineering teams to multi-billion-dollar organizations having 800+ engineers. We are in discussions with a few publicly listed companies interested in piloting with Insightly, cementing our belief in the mission”, he added.

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The startup has announced a free forever plan for teams of less than twelve engineers and offers personalized onboarding services and custom-curated actionable insights for large engineering teams.

Girish Mathrubootham, Co-Founder of Together Fund, commented: “Engineering efficiency is one of the biggest factors for business performance in today’s world. Enabling engineering teams with actionable insights to help them identify and fix bottlenecks will be crucial with tools like Insightly Analytics.”

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About Insightly Analytics

Insightly Analytics helps engineering teams continuously improve throughput, quality, and speed of software development by providing real-time interactive dashboards and actionable insights to identify bottlenecks, achieve efficiency gains and avoid team burnout.

Insightly focuses on team-based, outcome-driven metrics by correlating the data across tools that engineers use every day – Git (BitBucket, GitHub, GitLab), Jira, and CI/CD tools avoiding the need for any manual input by the engineers.

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