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How to Sell your Products on Meesho?

How to Sell your Products on Meesho?

In today’s time e-commerce has revolutionized the field of shopping. Almost everyone who wants to expand their business enrolls for e-commerce. But ever thought of selling through social channels?

Meesho has come up with a different concept of resale and it offers lucrative options to earn revenue from the comfort of home. Meesho is an online social commerce platform that allows sellers to sell their products through social media platforms including WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram. This platform enables the general public to create their own business for free.

What Is Meesho?

The Bangalore-based Meesho was founded in December 2015 by IIT DELHI graduates Vidit Aatrey and Sanjeev Barnwal.

Meesho is India’s leading e-commerce network that pioneered the idea of ​​social media-based marketing. This is the nation’s first Startup to receive investment from Facebook.

It is a unique platform from other e-commerce markets in that it allows customers to set up a business using a social app instead of a seller portal. It has over 10 million resellers in its seller panel and Meesho has a renowned clothing, home, kitchen, and other lifestyle goods catalog.

Process for Meesho Seller Registration

For a person who wants to list products on Meesho and become a Meesho seller, it is a very hassle-free process. You list your products, resellers will sell your products and hence those users only need to list their products, and the rest is handled by resellers and the Meesho delivery team.

Steps for Selling on Meesho

  1. To become a supplier on Meesho you need a GSTIN and a bank account and after completing the Meesho seller registration process you can access the Meesho supplier panel.
  2. By logging into the Meesho supplier panel, you can upload your Meesho product catalog and it is possible to create catalogs for products with multiple designs.
  3. Once enrolled, resellers can start selling through sharing. So once the Meesho seller is logged in, you can receive orders instantly.

Resellers can also place orders on behalf of customers through the platform.

  • After getting the order, the officials of Meesho will come to collect the order.
  • Online and offline payment methods are available and once the order is placed, the resellers can get the margin once the payment is received from the customer. Apart from this, Meesho Seller Support also helps in resolving all queries of sellers and resellers in case of payment issues.

Why did you choose Meesho?

Here are some reasons why suppliers still prefer Meesho despite having so many e-commerce platforms-

  • Meesho is ideal for small to medium-sized and branded and non-branded sellers who want to increase their revenue and offer better costs to resellers.
  • Its Huge Customer Base
  • Simple and Hassle-Free process
  • Quick & Secured Payment management
  • Delivery assistance and easy returns

Sales strategy on Meesho

With Meesho gaining tremendous popularity, it has also joined the unicorn club. More than 60,000 suppliers are connected to its platform. And all this has been possible because of its proper planning and good marketing strategies.

1. Niche based Strategy

Meesho’s core marketing strategy to empower women is based in one place. Meesho aims to inculcate the idea of ​​freedom among women. It aims to empower women with business opportunities at home and enable them to become an entrepreneur without investment and much hassle. This women empowerment strategy of Meesho gained tremendous popularity.

2. Social media marketing

Meesho promotes its brand in social media marketing to build its online popularity and this helps in developing a relationship with the audience. It engages in collaborations, campaigns, graphics, and videos to promote the popularity of its brand.

3. Influencer Marketing

When a company associates with an influencer, it gains the trust of customers. Meesho also chose the same influencer marketing strategy.

4. Advertisements

Advertising is the best and best way to market any business. Keeping with the current trend of digital marketing, Meesho also uses YouTube and Facebook ads. And these ads help Meesho build a strong presence with customers.


Meesho is one of those startups that have achieved a lot in a short span of time. In the nearly 6 years since its inception, it has garnered a huge customer base from Tier 2 and 3 cities. It has helped various small businesses to establish and sell themselves online.

It started with the help of local shops and has now become a well-known social e-commerce platform helping various individuals. Unique ideas and its marketing strategies have helped Meesho to grow well with more growth potential in its pocket.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Can we sell our own products on Meesho?

Meesho is an eCommerce marketplace that allows sellers to sell their products through social media platforms including WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram. This platform enables the general public to create their own business for free.

Is product selling on Meesho profitable?

Meesho does not charge any commission from the supplier, you can sell your products on Meesho with 0% commission and earn more profit. Also, you do not have to pay any shipping charges, it is managed by Meesho with its logistics partners who pick up the products from your doorstep and ship them directly to the customer.

How do I promote my product on Meesho?

Promote your products and catalog by creating sponsored ads or advertisements on Meesho that will help you reach the right customers and drive sales. All of your catalogs will be listed on the top slot on Meesho’s Discovery page. It looks like a regular catalog list with the tag “Advertising”.



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