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Aritra Ghosh & Subhrajyoti Modak Founders of EveryTutee
Aritra Ghosh & Subhrajyoti Modak Founders of EveryTutee

Being from a middle-class family, it’s very difficult to open a start-up or to become an entrepreneur but if you believe in something and you work hard to achieve it, everyone can achieve their goals in their life. Despite facing some odds Aritra and Subhrajyoti don’t give up upon their start-up.

Aritra Ghosh was born and brought up in the suburbs of Kolkata. He belongs to a middle-class family, completed his schooling from Julien day school. He was always into making things. He developed a clean society model when he was in 8th and went to Mumbai to represent his state in the Pidilite science challenge. He came second in nationals. After returning from there, he planned to make an automated house cleaner back at 9th. He quickly realized that making mechanical items are very costly. At the same time, he found out about the potential of computer programming. The power of computers is that, if you have one, you can almost build anything without any money. Being an entrepreneur might not be the first thing his parents wanted me to be. So, he went to become an Engineer in Computer science.

Aritra thinks being in a middle-class family is a great advantage for any entrepreneur. We get to experience the problems from the front seat. For any start-up to be successful, a perfect product-market fit is necessary. That only happens if your understanding of the problem is acute. In his case, he often found people sharing their blog posts, publications on WhatsApp. Usually, the first post is the eye-opener, the second one gets the most attraction and from the third one, it gets boring. After 8 – 10 most, the creator drops the idea and moves on. He realized that there is so much creative potential in our community but it often gets ignored. Therefore, he developed EveryTutee that helps these users find a place to put their content with an inherent audience and a revenue model that works.


A lot of people have lost their jobs in this pandemic. Aritra Ghosh & Subhrajyoti Modak wanted to create something that helps them get an extra source of income. Writing is a skill that we learn in school, so the idea of EveryTutee come from that background. EveryTutee offer a platform where people can join and be productive instantly without any learning threshold.


When Aritra told his parents about the start-up, his father was a bit sceptical about it. His mother kept saying that if you believe in something and you work hard to achieve it, we are ready to trust you with it. It is this trust and support from his parents that keeps him going. Back in December, EveryTutee were running a book-rental service for students and hobby readers and quickly gained a lot of popularity in their local areas, but after the second wave of Covid19 the supply was stranded and due to lack of capital they stopped taking new orders. EveryTutee have not raised funding yet. They have created entire platform from scratch with zero investment. They have developed the complete website all by themselves and hosted it on GCP with google credits.

The problem which EveryTutee solving is very relatable. EveryTutee approached the already existing communities on social media platforms and the response is extraordinary.


Aritra Ghosh & Subhrajyoti Modak think their biggest motivation is people’s reviews. People appreciate their platform. The response from the EveryTutee community is excellent. Audience help them to build a better product.

Aritra says that it is time that we understand the economic scenario of our country and turn from job seekers to job givers. We all have a million-dollar idea and it’s time to act on it.

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