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World’s and India’s First Unique Esports Startup where you can Play, Participate, Compete and Earn || GAME

Esports Startup

Esports Startup

Esports’s tech sector is booming. A lot of action has been happening in the Indian eSports sector. The gradual increase in the access to professional eSports and online gaming.

GAME – Gaming and Multiplayer Esports

India’s first Esports tournament platform specifically for Mobile games. Where you can Play, Compete, Participate and Earn. Start you gaming career here. Play with players across the globe and get the maximum exposure.

About GAME startup – founder

Srishti Sharma, born and brought up in New Delhi in a family where usually men were the bread winners while the mothers was supposed to look at the family. Being the first child and the only daughter in the family, she was quite pampered by her parents and my grandparents.

She has done his schooling from DPS, she was a science student and academically a bright student. Srishti has done his graduation in Economics hons and she is an actuarial scientist from the Indian and the UK Society. She is fortunate to have an extremely supportive family and they are her biggest strength.

Despite India being one of the biggest gaming Market, Srishti realised that there was an absence of Dedicated esports platform that could allow users to earn by showcasing their skills, that was the Eureka moment! At GAME Srishti and her team are building Asia’s first online esports marketplace helping gamers to establish their esports career.

GAME - Website Dashboard
GAME – Website Dashboard

Change! Entrepreneurship Gives us the freedom and the power to change to conventional ways of existence be it businesses or strategies. She realised this very soon in life that she is not meant for the conventional, her risk taking appetite and the desire to create change motivated her to try hands at entrepreneurship.

Startup Insight – GAME

Founding year – 2020
Sector – Gaming
Purpose – Marketplace for career establishment
Initial investment – 8 lakhs
Current status – over 11000 registered users
Impact on Society- giving opportunity to the untouched market of aspiring esports players

Entrepreneurship is never an easy path, for her it’s a path to self-discovery and it’s a journey full of challenges, struggles, doubts, risks, questions but glory! The initial days are very very difficult since she started very young. It took her a lot of time to convince people and make them believe in what she is building. Also being a female entrepreneur is not very common in India hence patriarchy followed in every possible way!.

According to Srishti, the most difficult part about entrepreneurship is to keep on believing in what you’re building because it is not easy and every day you might see like giving up but perseverance is what keeps us going.

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