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This Coimbatore-based startup is using technology to transform software development and artificial intelligence || Nandha InfoTech || Vigneshwaran T

Vigneshwaran T Founder of Nandha InfoTech

Nandha Infotech is one of the pre-eminent website development company in Coimbatore founded by Vigneshwaran T.

Vigneshwaran is responsible for delivering on demand websites to a wide spectrum of industries ranging from textile to FMCGs. He loves to call it as his pursuit of happiness. It happened to him a while after he completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology. Back then, it was his institution and a few of his well-wishers, who helped him develop a taste for technology by letting him expose and explore the many possibilities that’s in the realm of technology. His expertise in the field of technology over that time was in different domains, such as software development, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, virtual reality and data analytics, brought him too many felicitations, including an “Honorary Doctorate for Record Breakers from the Universal Tamil University for Most Web Applications Developed on 11th of May 2019”.

Startup challenges and way forward –
Most of startups are bound to face challenge of raising funds initially and same challenge was faced by Vigneshwaran also. His brief stint at a tours and travels operating company and an event management company helped him phase out the struggle that he had to go through. “It was the savings from these stints and an extended help from his family that led to this empire building project”. In fact, his family members were more reluctant to give up on this dream of his as he is the first graduate in his family lineage.

Metaphorically, Vigneshwaran says that he would love to relate this journey to that of every person, who after their prime will have to endure. He had the vision and ideas needed to put up a surmountable task and he was reluctant too. In fact, being reluctant at times can be beneficial is what he had learned. For someone of his stature, there were too many hurdles, but one main thing that he would like to pinpoint is failing to find the right person. Thanks to the well-wishers, who insisted him on not letting his confidence level down. “It’s always better to be a person of quality rather than a man of quantity” Vigneshwaran says.

“Having a plan, clarity and focus towards the execution of that plan, are the key ingredients in building up a business profile”

Nandha Infotech main assets are their trustworthy employees principally agreed to stay intact with startup in their most troubling times. Employees updated themselves as and when needed. A determined plan and a team that adhered well to the plan had played a crucial role in surfing the high tides.

“Aim for the moon. If you miss, you may hit a star.” – Clement Stone. This still is the biggest inspiration that motivates Vigneshwaran to keep going but when it comes to daily experiences, it’s the technology itself and the tech aspirants at Nandha Infotech and other such firms, who never misses to surprise him. Try to be as slick as a whistle when you indulge yourself in the process of curating ideas. Vigneshwaran thinks “Inspirations are available in every walk of your day-to-day life. They can never be the greatest as they don’t fall into the degree of comparison. It is you who is supposed to make the great out of them.”

Current Startup Structure
Currently with the team of 12-15 members, Vigneshwaran managed to do wonders in the technology space and offering services such as software development, technology training, ERP, CRM, career training, web designing, mobile app development, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality; most predominantly in the web designing arena. Nandha Infotech is having candidates, both from organizational setup and institutions, coming as interns and imparting the training they received to their fellow colleagues.

Team members – Nandha Infotech

Students, who are in their pre-final years and final years, are given real-time exposure on work environment and projects. As they become potential candidates, they are even interacting with their clients on getting their business needs, for which they’re given training. As of now, Nandha Infotech had trained more than 80,000 candidates, both students and corporate people involved.

Nandha Infotech Collaborations –
Gyan Circle Ventures (Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development at IIITS (CIEDI), a Section 8 Company). Gyan Circle firm is a Technology Business Incubator of IIIT Sri City for creating SENSELUTO, a product of them.

EDII-TABIF for India`s First Virtual Reality-Based Motion Capture Suite.

EDII-PHBIF for digital horticulture therapy to all in India.

BOSTON INFOTECH, USA, for developing agriculture-based sensor and their product for farmers in India with the guidance of Dr. Ilangovan Ramasany – Agri scientist.

Currently Nandha Infotech have more than 30+ MoU signed with educational institutions for R&D purposes.

Vigneshwaran advice to young entrepreneurs “Challenge yourself whenever possible; only a few brave clinches the top of the summit”.



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