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[Funding alert] Edtech platform Conker World raises $300k funding

Arvind Arora aka A2 Motivation, Co-Founder, Conker World
Arvind Arora, Co-Founder, Conker World

Conker World, an E-learning skill platform has raised $300k in pre-Seed funding round from Founders, CXOs, and Digital Content Creators.

Many investors have invested in this funding like Anand Prakash and Pulkit Jain (Vedantu), Kamlesh Bhagat and Anand Poste (Jobs Capital), Rahul Saria (Nimble Growth), Soveet Gupta (Udyan Tea), Ranveer Allahbadia aka BeerBiceps (Monk Entertainment, BigBrainCo and Level.Game), Prashant Choudhary (Click Orchid) Tarun Saini (Vidyakul), Mahendra Dogney (Motivational Speaker), Neha Agrawal (Mathematically Inclined), Himanshi Singh (Let’s Learn) and Viraj Sheth (Monk Entertainment).

The startup plans to use the funds to strengthen its team in product development, content creation, launch new courses and provide exceptional services for its students.

Bengaluru-based startup was founded by Arvind Arora, it offers skill-based training to individuals who want to focus on personal skills.

“We wish to bring a revolution in the skilling space by targeting 90 percent of the vernacular speaking audience in India and making them self-sustainable and contributing towards the gig economy and making them job-ready. Not every person gains an opportunity to get into the Top tier schools; we need to create micro-entrepreneurs and jobs”, said Arvind Arora aka A2 Motivation, Co-Founder, Conker World.

Courses are also available in Vernacular languages like English and Hindi. Along with this, Conker World has also tied up with NGOs working for child development, which provides them with free programs.

“The power of influencers is immense in a populated and one of the youngest countries like India. Converting this audience into a relevant business revenue model is the key. I see a great opportunity in terms of Ed-tech and Ad-tech playing out with this model. It’s a big data game”, said Rahul Saria- Angel Investor and Co-Founder of Nimble Growth.

The courses offered by Conker World are women-centric, elderly courses, one of the most sought after and high-paying skill-based courses with affordable cost.

Arvind Arora runs the A2 Motivation channel on YouTube which is currently the No. 1 YouTube shorts channel with over 5 billion views and over 12 million subscribers, a breathtaking record of being an individual YouTuber with the most views within India.


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