Saturday, December 9, 2023
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Draper Start-up House launches Largest Global Co-Living Co-Working Space

Hyderabad is now home to the largest co-living and co-working community space, per Draper Start-up House, an international entrepreneurial ecosystem. For start-ups, entrepreneurs and digital nomads around the world, this enormous project heralds a new era in living and working together.

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Along with Ajit Rangnekar, Director General, RICH, Mahankali Srinivas Rao, CEO, Thub, Ramesh Loganathan, Professor, CoInnovation, Ramadevi Lanka, Director, Emerging Technologies, Deepanwita Chattopadhyay, Chairman and CEO, IKP Knowledge Park, and Srinivas Kollipara, Group President, Startup Ventures at XELPMOC, the new co-living co-working community space at Gachibowli was officially inaugurated by Shri Jayesh Ranjan, Principal Secretary of the Industries and Commerce and Information Technology Departments of the Telangana Government. 

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The Draper Start-up House team from Hyderabad was represented by Vinutha Rallapalli, Chief Community Officer, and Director Chaitanya Kokku, as well as Vikram Bharati, Founder of Draper Start-up House, India, and Karan Bahadur, Co-Founder. Over 250 people attended the launch, including heads of incubators, investors, and mentors.

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“Hyderabad’s burgeoning start-up ecosystem has captivated our attention, and we are thrilled to plant our roots in this vibrant city,” stated Vikram Bharati, Founder of Draper start-up House. “Our vision is to create a haven where entrepreneurs can thrive, collaborate, and innovate together, shaping the future of business globally” he added.

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“We believe in providing not just physical spaces but a comprehensive ecosystem that nurtures start-ups from ideation to global expansion,” shared Karan Bahadur, Founder of Draper Start-up House. “This launch represents our commitment to supporting entrepreneurial endeavours, driving progress, and creating a dynamic global network of successful start-up’s.”

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About Draper Start-up House

Founded in 2020 Draper Startup House as the NEW INTERNATIONAL CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, consisting of physical business hubs, education services, venture capital and technology services. With current location in 18 countries, its mission is to expand to 100 countries by 2030 and help create 1 million news-businesses worldwide through our global business ecosystem.

Through the use of real human connection, inspired business travel, a diverse-minded community and access to global citizens – one is able to connect to new opportunities, inspire one another to innovate and execute, and empower one another to GO BIG, pay it forward, and drive progress.