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CryptoKaro – A Crypto Learning Platform to explore Crypto Space

CryptoKaro - A Crypto Learning Platform to explore Crypto Space

CryptoKaro is a crypto learning ecosystem that helps us to explore the crypto space in a structured way.

Their courses are designed to reward users in their native token if they completed them, their decentralized gamification app rewards users daily gamify assets which they can use to climb the community leaderboard and claim magical rewards.

Not just that they also have their CryptoKaro Club which is a blog-based short-read story product that helps users to gain a good understanding of crypto.

CryptoKaro – Startup Insight

Startup NameCryptoKaro
FounderAnkush Chauhan

CryptoKaro – About the company and how it works

Ankush Chauhan is a 16-year-old youth who studies in class 10th from Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. It currently has a Dog Media – a social media platform that has made 2 startups before hosting your podcast in the market. Later, it sold him as a freelancing project.

Currently, he is working on his CryptoKaro startup as a sole builder.

Ankush Chauhan started his coding journey in the initial days of his 8th grade when he attended a workshop from an IITD grad talking about how they scale their software business from the comfort of their home, which spikes his interest in learning to code.

His interest, later, became his hobby and he started spending most of his time learning about it. Meanwhile, during the pandemic, he started freelancing in web and app development, he was able to get his first client after a long wait of 8 weeks.

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Ankush Chauhan first client includes an IIT professor who needs someone to code his app. (after his first client, he started getting a lot of cold-mails from people all around the globe which turns out to be the most enlighted month of his journey so far ( then, his net revenue encapsulated to the total of more than $1200 )).

After, that he started exploring more and has done a couple of internships related to his interests. He worked with a US-based fintech startup as a full-stack developer and got an amazing opportunity to get mentored by like-minded peers from different industries. By the end of the internship, he was able to reduce the Android build/test pipeline time by 89%.

Got a cold mail from one of the co-founders of (Paul Yacoubian) to have a meeting with their teams. He was also able to build his strong social media influence on LinkedIn with more than 6k+ followers.

CryptoKaro – Founders and team

CryptoKaro has a team of 5+ members. Ankush Chauhan is the Founder and Developer and Daksh Mangukiya is the Community Manager of CryptoKaro.

Ankush Chauhan founder of CryptoKaro
Ankush Chauhan founder of CryptoKaro

The initial idea come up when he was working as a freelancer and one of his clients wants to make a project related to solidity (a programming language that helps you to build apps on top of Ethereum blockchain),

He almost got rejected that project because he hadn’t known of blockchain and any of its applications back then but, he quickly revert his mind and ask him to make that offer.

Since then they have been researching a lot about blockchain and getting into the community of web3 enthusiasts. After completing the project in a month, he found this space to be really fascinating, and develop his mind to explore this space.

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The force that drives him is to create a brand that carries his ethos over the years. Secondly, Is to explore his curiosity about the world because jobs would always make them just do one brainless thing over and over. Even the ones that wanted him to “think” were hardly flexible enough to allow me to learn everything he wanted to know.

Ankush Chauhan usually listens to many podcasts related to crypto & entrepreneurship etc. He loved the turakhia brothers specially BhavinTurakhia, both are phenomenal thinkers.

Balaji Srinivasan for its futuristic vision. Peter Thiel, his book zero to one totally gives a different vision of startup culture and ecosystem.

CryptoKaro – Name, Tagline, Logo and its Meaning

TagLine – “Crypto made easy to understand.” As the name suggests Cryptokaro (Start using Crypto).

CryptoKaro – Business and Revenue Model

They are currently making revenue by showing ads on their website. They collaborate with brands to get brand deals.

CryptoKaro – Funding and investors

Even though They have been in negotiations with a Venture Capital firm but not yet raised any funds. Currently, CryptoKaro is completely bootstrapped, and to be honest they really didn’t need a big capital.

Because still, they are experimenting with their ideas and searching to launch lean and minimalist products. Sometimes, they will face several challenges while seeking the funds, in part because they will have to convince others that their idea is a solid investment.

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As he still believes in the ideology of Steve Blank, as he defines “startup” as “an organization in search of a business model.” It is not a small version of a large company; it is a completely different entity that doesn’t yet know what its future customers really want and what the product’s design and revenue model will be.

CryptoKaro – Challenges Faced

Starting out they are so sure of their idea and can’t wait to take the plunge into the entrepreneurial world. That certainty blinds him, and they don’t test whether there is a demand for what they are offering. Get this wrong and their entrepreneurial journey is an uphill struggle — and most fail that’s why most early-stage startup founders let’s create an ambitious product for 5-6 months and in the end realize that no one really wants it, that’s why they need to pivot their idea according to the paradigm shift in the market.

CryptoKaro – Success Factor

According to him, The most important factor is definitely persistence, it matters the most. You can watch the summary of the movie Shawshank redemption, it will tell you how much important is persistence and how a big change it can make. Success is 95% based on your persistence.

CryptoKaro – Future plans

Their main objective is to many CryptoKaro in both B2B and B2C they are building their  B2B product in stealth mode (thing of it like the paypal of crypto). They are going to use an AI-powered program that tracks user interests and delivers to them. And the real magic happens when They connect both of their B2B with B2C products together that what they called a hyperloop which creates a network effect in DeFi.

CryptoKaro – Hardest Decision

The hardest decision they have ever had to make in when he was building up his startup team in the initial days, he was cold mailing to a lot of people who are at a good place and had some social validation but most of them aren’t ready to build a team with us and he is looking for someone who stays with him more than 5-10 years and tries to challenge his thoughts. After doing a couple of interviews, he didn’t find a good one to be a part of. Then, he continues his vision has been a solo builder.

CryptoKaro Competitors and are the competitors of CryptoKaro.

CryptoKaroAdvice to College Graduates

Ankush Chauhan thinks the best burning desire is ambition. If you wanna build patience just learn to code and just like everything, coding also has a compound graph, It’s a mixture of nervousness and frustration with a very strong motivation pushing you to overcome all barriers in your path.

And, with no-code coming in, it’s become even more dangerous because now you see non-coders also build products this usually created an outcome-oriented mindset that he wants to get to this app as fast as possible, and when you didn’t condense the progress and start pivoting.

And what he have found is that long-term thinking is the biggest benefit which you can take to increase your potential. Potential is somewhat kind of your identity, so your identity right now and maybe five years down the line is that to be an ambitious person and then try to do as many things as possible right now to build more resources to get to that ambition.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is CryptoKaro?

CryptoKaro is a crypto learning ecosystem that helps us to explore the crypto space in a structured way.

Who is the founder of CryptoKaro?

Ankush Chauhan is the the founder of CryptoKaro.

What is CryptoKaro Business Model?

They are currently making revenue by showing ads on our website. They collaborate with brands to get brand deals.

Who are the competitors of CryptoKaro? and are the competitors of CryptoKaro.

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