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CM Arvind Kejriwal Announces Delhi Startup Policy, India’s Startup Capital

CM Arvind Kejriwal Announces Delhi Startup Policy, India's Startup Capital
Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal

Speaking on Twitter Live today Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal announced the Delhi Startup Policy.

The policy includes a set of initiatives that will facilitate entrepreneurship in the country’s capital and help make Delhi the startup capital of the country.

CM Kejriwal said, ‘We have taken many steps to create business environment in Delhi NCR. We have made several provisions for starting entrepreneurship in the capital.”

Kejriwal also said that The Delhi government will help the startup founders not only financially but also in many other ways with the Delhi Startup Policy.

Kejriwal further said how the Delhi Startup Policy was created using ‘all the good points’ of startup policies from around the world and the cabinet passed the Delhi Startup Policy, which includes several announcements that will help startup founders.

Firstly, Kejriwal said that the government will subsidize basic amenities like internet and office space rent and, in addition, help startups to pay their employees when needed, and also provide them with a credit line as well as interest-free first. The year will help in getting a collateral-free loan.

“Our Delhi government will provide free trademark and patent registration services along with financially supporting all incubation and manufacturing centers”, he added.

Another important announcement made by CM Kejriwal which was made under Delhi Startup Policy was hiring agencies and professionals to help startups free of cost. Under this, these professionals including lawyers and Chartered Accountants (CAs) will assist startup founders in legal proceedings like trademark registration, GST filing, etc.

The CM further informed that Delhi’s Business Blaster program, which is the Delhi government’s entrepreneurship scheme, which was till now available to the students of Delhi schools, will be expanded to Delhi’s colleges.

CM Kejriwal said, “This startup policy of Delhi is to help the youth of Delhi. The government will help the youth of Delhi with money, work with its hands.”

CM Kejriwal in his live speech said that “Delhi government will help the young entrepreneurs who have started their business, they will be helped by fifty percent rent. Delhi government can give a part of the salary to be paid by their firm and Fees for processes are refundable like copyright.”

“The Delhi government will provide financial assistance to startups through collateral-free loans, financial portion of rent, and salaries of employees. A panel of experts will be formed who will also provide free assistance to the new start-ups in completing the trademark registration and other formalities. CM also said this.



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