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[Funding alert] Agritech startup Kisanwala raises $1 million in an angel round

Agritech startup Kisanwala
Agritech startup Kisanwala

Agritech startup Kisanwala has raised $1 million (around Rs 7 crore) from a group of angel investors including Tanuj Vohra, Strategic Advisor at Cambrian Lab and Comtextile (H.K) Ltd’s CEO Arun Kumar Agrawal, among others.

Agritech startup Kisanwala was founded by Suresh Alturi and Parag Modi in 2020. Kisanwala Helping farmers with end-to-end solutions for all farm needs by providing technology, information, inputs and support.

“Our farmer-centric digital tools are designed in a way to provide a one-stop solution for all farm needs as an easy, accessible and intuitive single-neutral platform. We offer services including soil testing, crop protection, crop nutrition, seeds, implements to improve the productivity of farmers and to make them sustainable in the face of threats to agriculture due to climate change,” Suresh Alturi said.

Their agri-tech solutions are designed to reduce market information asymmetry in order to help farmers work more efficiently and produce better yields. Their services range from advisory, agronomy, forecasting to providing support at agri-input and agri-output level.

“Having worked in the technology and blue-collar space for many years, I could clearly see that farmers’ life and income levels could be alleviated by access to technology and using it to solve problems around access to high-quality agronomy, quality products at their doorstep, etc.” Parag Modi, Kisanwala, co-founder, said.

Agritech startup Kisanwala
Agritech startup Kisanwala App

At Kisanwala, they aim to make farmers self-reliant with modern day technology, information, high quality inputs, and marketing support by providing customized solutions catering to the needs of each farm and each farmer.



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