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[Funding alert] Zeeve raises $2.65 mn in Seed Funding led by Leo Capital

[Funding alert] Zeeve raises $2.65 mn in Seed Funding led by Leo Capital

Zeeve, a blockchain technology startup has raised $2.65 million in seed funding round from Leo Capital and Blu Ventures.

The company plans to use the funds to fuel product development, grow its technology team, and expand its reach among DApp developers and corporations around the world.

Zeeve was founded in 2021 by Ravi Chamria, It builds Web3 infrastructure and with over 10,000 developers, blockchain startups and enterprises are using its solutions for the Web3 infrastructure.

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The platform provides the most robust and secure infrastructure and automation platform to deploy and manage blockchain nodes and networks for various protocols.

Zeeve’s founder and CEO, Ravi Chamaria said that there have been a lot of exciting innovations in the Web3.0 space such as DeFi, NFTS, decentralized insurance, prediction markets, etc.

“We should expect to see a lot more innovation over the next five years, revolutionizing how we use the internet. With further advancements in blockchain technology, we may soon see web3 utilized for everything from online commerce to voting and governance,” he added.

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The startup’s mission is to enable and strengthen a decentralized future for innovators looking to scale Web3 infrastructure.

“Web3 infrastructure is complex and there is a dire need to bring in the DevOps tools and platforms in the Blockchain space to drive enterprise adoption of Blockchain” said, Dinesh Singh, Partner, Leo Capital.

About Zeeve

Zeeve is one of the leading innovators in the Blockchain space. Their full-stack Blockchain Platforms & Products help developers build next-generation networks & enable enterprises to launch more powerful Web3 distributed infrastructure & applications.

Most Secure Decentralized Infrastructure Protocol. Bringing next-generation TEE-based secure and privacy-driven P2P infrastructure.

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