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Top 10 YouTubers of India in 2023

Sandeep Maheshwari, Carry Minati, Total Gaming, Techno Gamerz, BB Ki Vines, Technical Guruji, Vivek Bindra, Ashish Chanchlani, Mr. Indian Hacker, and Triggered Insaan are the Top 10 YouTubers of India in 2023.
Top 10 YouTubers of India in 2023

As of 2023, the YouTube landscape in India is undergoing rapid expansion, witnessing a surge in creators producing high-quality content spanning a diverse array of subjects. Ranging from humor and music to education and technology, Indian YouTubers have solidified their presence on the global stage, amassing numerous subscribers and views.

By January 2023, India proudly boasted an extensive YouTube audience, tallying approximately 467 million users—an unmatched figure that bestowed upon it the distinction of being the nation with the highest YouTube user count.

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Amid the vast potential presented by the YouTube platform for content creators, it’s only natural to inquire about the financial avenues through which these prominent Indian YouTubers sustain themselves. Whether you’re an aspiring creator aiming to transform your passion into a viable income source or simply captivated by this phenomenon, the journeys undertaken by these Indian YouTube sensations furnish invaluable insights and a wellspring of inspiration.

Here is the list of the Top 10 YouTubers of India in 2023

Sandeep Maheshwari

Top 10 YouTubers of India in 2023 | Sandeep Maheshwari

Sandeep Maheshwari is an Indian motivational speaker and influential figure on social media, he has garnered significant recognition. With a collection exceeding 580 videos on YouTube, his content has attracted a remarkable 2.3 billion views. A substantial fan base of 27.6 million subscribers further underscores his popularity. Born on September 28, 1980, he made his YouTube debut in February 2012.

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Sandeep Maheshwari’s trajectory took a turn from modeling due to industry exploitation, and his journey before YouTube involved grappling with unsuccessful business ventures. Through his YouTube channel, he delivers a range of content encompassing inspiration, innovation, and education, all aimed at instilling a sense of realizing untapped potential in his audience. By leveraging his created platform, Sandeep has empowered countless individuals to reach their aspirations and goals.

Carry Minati

Top 10 YouTubers of India in 2023 | Carry Minati

Ajay Nagar is popularly known as Carry Minati on YouTube. has garnered quite a reputation. His YouTube channel boasts a substantial subscriber count of approximately 38.3 million users. The content he shares primarily revolves around the genres of humor and roast, which have undeniably resonated with his viewers. Starting on YouTube, Ajay Nagar’s comedic videos propelled him into the limelight, solidifying his status as one of India’s premier YouTubers. His substantial fan base is a testament to his popularity. 

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What sets CarryMinati apart is his engaging and entertaining persona, a quality that has significantly contributed to his YouTube stardom. For those eager to learn more about Carry Minati, this is the place to discover information like his net worth and YouTube subscriber count, among other intriguing details.

Total Gaming

Top 10 YouTubers of India in 2023 | Total Gaming

Ajay who is popularly known as Ajju Bhai on YouTube owns the rights to Total Gaming. He stands tall as one of India’s prominent YouTube personalities, known for his captivating live gaming sessions. With a substantial subscriber count of 34.7 million, Ajay has firmly established himself as one of India’s foremost gaming YouTubers.

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Total Gaming’s content is squarely centered around mobile gaming, a fervently popular domain in India, featuring titles like Garena Free Fire and PUBG, among others. Ajay’s live gaming streams are not only accompanied by engaging commentary but also come across as a hit with every single viewer. His lively sessions also include the added perk of providing valuable tips and tricks, adding a layer of interactivity to the experience.

Techno Gamerz

Top 10 YouTubers of India in 2023 | Techno Gamerz

Techno Gamerz is also a gaming channel run by Ujjwal Chaurasia. It has been creating ripples in India’s gaming scene, offering enthusiasts intriguing pointers and strategies to enhance their gameplay experiences.

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With an impressive community of approximately 32.6 million avid followers, Techno Gamerz has firmly etched its mark. The channel serves up an array of game-related content, spanning diverse titles like Minecraft, GTA V, and Red Dead Redemption 2. Enthusiasts can delve into an assortment of gaming content, ranging from immersive gameplay videos to comprehensive reviews and instructive tutorials, all conveniently available on the Techno Gamerz platform.

BB Ki Vines

Top 10 YouTubers of India in 2023 | BB Ki Vines

 BB Ki Vines – Bhuvan Bam, a notable figure in the Indian YouTube community, possesses a distinctive narrative. His ability to establish connections with viewers is attributed to the amusing and pertinent content presented on his channel. BB ki Vines has approx 26.1 million subscribers in the channel.

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BB Ki Vines rose to immense fame due to its comedic and captivating material. Certain videos on the BB Ki Vines platform have garnered billions of views, each showcasing Bhuvan Bam’s exceptional brilliance, lucidity, and ingenuity. These qualities have propelled him to remarkable achievements and garnered him the admiration befitting a top-tier Indian YouTuber.

Technical Guruji

Top 10 YouTubers of India in 2023 | Technical Guruji

Technical Guruji is a famous YouTuber in India operated by Gaurav Chowdhary. The channel is dedicated to technology-related content, encompassing activities such as Gadget Unboxing and Reviews, particularly focusing on newly launched products. With a subscriber count of approximately 22.9 million, Technical Guruji’s presence is substantial. Noteworthy for its Hindi language approach, the channel garners attention through its diverse range of gadget unboxing videos, primarily captivating the Indian audience.

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Technical Guruji predominantly offers unboxing insights into recent or upcoming tech innovations, such as smartphones, laptops, and other electronic devices. Watching Technical Guruji’s videos on a chosen product can assist in making informed purchasing decisions. The channel’s objective lies in delivering dependable updates and insights to viewers keen on staying abreast of the latest gadgets entering the market, spanning a range of enticing price points.

Vivek Bindra

Top 10 YouTubers of India in 2023 | Vivek Bindra

Vivek Bindra stands as a well-known Indian figure in the realms of motivation, business training, public speaking, and entrepreneurship. Serving as the visionary behind Bada Corporation, he holds the position of Founder and CEO. With a substantial audience of 15 million subscribers on YouTube, Vivek Bindra’s impact is undeniable. His birthdate is April 5th, 1982, and his channel boasts a compilation of 512 videos to date.

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The essence of this YouTube channel revolves around content that sparks inspiration and delves into entrepreneurship. Vivek Bindra’s international certification as a business coach and motivational speaker enhances his credibility. His sphere of influence extends to over 25 countries, where he imparts leadership training and motivational discourses.

Ashish Chanchlani

Top 10 YouTubers of India in 2023 | Ashish Chanchlani

Ashish Chanchlani stands out as a prominent Indian YouTuber celebrated for his side-splitting and enthralling content featured on his YouTube channel. With a remarkable count of 29 million subscribers, his channel has achieved an impressive reach.

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Born on December 8th, 1993, Chanchlani has shared a cumulative total of 140 videos on his channel since its inception in 2009. The content predominantly revolves around themes of relationships and everyday experiences, effectively amassing a substantial and devoted fan base. The relatable nature of the content plays a pivotal role in propelling its widespread acclaim. 

Mr. Indian Hacker

Top 10 YouTubers of India in 2023 | Mr. Indian Hacker

Mr. Indian Hacker has garnered significant popularity in India due to its content centered around educational life hacks encompassing science, experiments, and DIY projects. Owned primarily by Dilraj Singh, the channel is recognized for sharing captivating experiments, tricks, and pragmatic approaches to everyday challenges.

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With an impressive subscriber count of 30.5 million, Mr. Indian Hacker has become a sensation in India. Viewers are drawn to the channel to experience the thrill and fascination offered by their YouTube content.

Triggered Insaan

Top 10 YouTubers of India in 2023 | Triggered Insaan

Nishchay Malhan, widely recognized as Triggered Insaan, is a Delhi-based YouTuber with a birthdate of November 14th. He pursued his Engineering studies at IIIT, Delhi. During his 11th and 12th standard, Nishchay battled deep depression for two years. Following this phase, he engaged in an internship-based job, which he held for six months. However, due to personal reasons, he decided to discontinue his involvement in that job.

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Originally titled “Yes-Yes-Bhai,” Nishchay’s YouTube channel was later rebranded as Triggered Insaan. According to Nischay himself, Triggered Insaan symbolizes a young individual who completed his Engineering studies and then chose to channel his passion into creating YouTube content. Furthermore, Nishchay operates another YouTube channel named “Live Insaan.” While his first channel, Triggered Insaan, features comedy, rants, and roasts, the second channel is dedicated to gaming content. At present, he has transitioned into a full-time career as a YouTuber.


These top YouTubers in India are making an impressive impact with their Unique and engaging content. These YouTubers connect with millions of viewers from different interests. The successes of these YouTubers showcase that if you have creativity in this digital era and you can inspire others then no one can stop you. The creators not only entertain but also educate.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Which are the Top 10 YouTubers of India in 2023?

Sandeep Maheshwari, Carry Minati, Total Gaming, Techno Gamerz, BB Ki Vines, Technical Guruji, Vivek Bindra, Ashish Chanchlani, Mr. Indian Hacker, and Triggered Insaan are the Top 10 YouTubers of India in 2023.

How many subscribers does Carry Minati have on YouTube?

Around 40 million subscribers watch Carry Minati on YouTube.

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