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Top 10 Pet Care Brands in India in 2023: Caring for Your Four Legged Friends

Top 10 Pet Care Brands in India in 2023: Caring for Your Four Legged Friends

Our life wouldn’t be the same without the friendship, love, and unending joy that pets bring. It is imperative to give them the greatest care as responsible pet owners. Fortunately, India is home to a number of well-known pet care companies that provide brought selection of goods to satisfy the various demands of our four-legged friends. The Indian pet care market, which has over 4 million canines, is estimated to be worth over US dollar 1.22 billion and has an annual growth rate of over 35%. In this post we’ll talk about the Top 10 Pet Care Brands in India in 2023: Caring for Your Four Legged Friends.

The pet care sector in India is expanding at the quickest rate in the world due to the exponential rise in pet ownership in places like Delhi,  Gurgaon,  Mumbai, and Bengaluru. The top 10 Indian pet care brands that have established a reputation for excellence, innovation, and dedication to animal welfare will be discussed in this blog.

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Indian Market Potential Opportunities :

The pet care industry in India, for example, is predicted to increase by 14% to reach a $49 million opportunity by 2022, making it the country with the fastest rate of growth in the entire world. Dog food will account for the majority of the market, or more than 63%, or $310 million. The anticipated size of the Indian pet care market is INR 74000 billion in 2021 and is projected to increase two INR 210, 000 billion by 2032, growing at a CAGR of 19.2% from 2022 to 2032.

Here is the list of the Top 10 Pet Care Brands in India in 2023

Scoopy Scrub

Top 10 Pet Care Brands in India in 2023 | Scoopy Scrub

Scoopy Scrub is India’s leading service provider of pet grooming, pet hygiene. It currently has 12 branches operating in the Capital of Delhi. They provide certified dog trainers and professional groomers and ambiance suitable for pets, food, and accessories as well as pet boarding services to the customers at a very reasonable price.

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Preeti and Sanjeev Kumar founded Scoopy Scrub, India’s first professional pet grooming business, in 2007 to offer services to the animals of the nation’s capital. The business now has 7 locations in Delhi – National Capital Region, franchise grooming facilities scattered across Jaipur, Pune, Hyderabad, and Kolkata, and an overseas associate branch in Bangkok and Mauritius.

Captain Zack  

Top 10 Pet Care Brands in India in 2023 | Captain Zack

Premium pet grooming company Captain Zack provides pets with a luxurious experience. High-quality components, appealing scents, and creative formulations that address the unique requirements of various breeds are hallmarks of Captain Zack’s Products. Mr. Mohit Lalwani founded Captain Zack’s pet grooming after being inspired by his dog, who excels in canine leadership due to his calm, thoughtful, and compassionate nature.

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The brand’s USPs include humorous and unusual products like ‘Paw’sitively Smooth Paw Butter’,‘ My Coat Can Gloat Leave-in Conditioner for Dogs’, and ‘Ticket to Freedom Dog Shampoo, well as naturally active ingredients that are anti-irritant, antibacterial, antiseptic, and antifungal. A group of investors gave the pet grooming company $ 1.5 million in a pre-series and an investment round in November 2018.

Funky Furz

Top 10 Pet Care Brands in India in 2023 | Funky Furz

One of the pioneers of the Indian pet grooming industry is Radhiya Hemchandra, owner of the Funky Furz line of pet grooming products and India’s top pet salon, Fuzzy Wuzzy Pet Styling Studio & Spa. Funky Furz provides an exclusive selection of high-quality pet grooming supplies for dogs and cats, including shampoos, conditioners, and grooming tools.

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The grooming supplies have been studied and developed to meet the unique requirements of each type of coat. Both their upscale Bangalore boutique and their websites sell these things. Additionally, Radhiya did a collection of incredibly check pet apparel and accessories.


Top 10 Pet Care Brands in India in 2023 | Supertails

Supertails is basically a pet care platform that offers expert-led healthcare services and products. Supertails is first of its kind platform that supports the ever-increasing pet parent community and is a one-stop solution for pet food and supplies.

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It is a fully digital telehealth consultant service made available through a team of highly experienced in-house veterinarians. Vineet Khanna and Aman tekriwal a digital pet care company. The Bangalore-based company Supertails veterinary treatment is the go-to source for pet food and supply from A to Z. Additionally, a transport pet supplies to homes. They have skilled veterinarians who offer efficient telecounselling for any concerns about pets, also, Alteria Capital provided 5.75 crore INR in venture debt to Supertails and a total of 17 investors have invested money in Supertails till now.

Just Dogs

Top 10 Pet Care Brands in India in 2023 | Just Dogs

Just Dogs is India’s number one pet retailer store and it is the largest retailer of services and solutions for the lifetime needs of pets with the promise of unconditional love for your furry ones. They offer a wide range of pet food, products as well as grooming services.

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According to founders Ashish Anthony and Poorvi Anthony, India has more than 30 million pets, making it the country with the fastest-growing pet industry worldwide. Just Dogs, an Ahmedabad – based Omni channel retailer for all required pet care, is a ten-year-old pet care firm. The company has 42 locations across the US and sells clothes, accessories, and food for dogs and cats.

Wiggles :

Top 10 Pet Care Brands in India in 2023 | Wiggles

Rajh V.Iyer and Anushka, a father–daughter team, launched Wiggles in 2018. An online resource for pet owners, the site provides products for pet nutrition and healthcare as well as vets – on-call services and grooming services. Wiggles has secured a $ 1 million investment round. It has been funded by 16 investors.

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They want to use the funds to expand across India and change the pet healthcare industry. The Founder’s future plans are to expand the pet food category through innovative formats, formulations, and products that solve the real pet and pet parents’ problem. The startup aims to build a complete ecosystem that pet parents can depend on from the day they bring a pet home all the way till the pet is there with them.

Pawfect.Xyz :

Top 10 Pet Care Brands in India in 2023 | Pawfect . Xyz

Pawfect. Xyz is a one-stop shop app for every pet parent. They are specialized in food products and pet-caring services. was under Swapnil Shah and Udit Chugh the startup was founded in Pune in the year 2019 and is considered one of the nation’s most cutting-edge pet care firms, provides a variety of services for animals, including doorstep preparation meetings, pet food and medication purchases, finding a pet sitter or trainer, and many more.

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On app, pet parents can book a doorstep booking session, can find a temporary stray, pet trainer, buy medicines, and many more.

BarkLoot :

Usha Raghav’s BarkLoot is a Bengaluru-based company.  It is the brainchild of the founder, who started the online portal as a gesture of love for her dog, atom. The portal brings you or rather your pet, a box full of cool things that are both safe and many people for pets’ health. Pet parents also save big on time and money by letting the startup curate and deliver the product right at their doors steps. It is a monthly subscription service that enables pet owners to indulge their animals with new toys, treats and accessories, and pet cosmetics each month. The boxes be adjusted based on the pet size and spending limit.

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Another- well-known pet care company from India that emphasizes natural and ayurvedic remedies is Petveda. It is a Delhi-based company, founded in 2014 by Kamakshi Kumar and Dhruv Kumar, It is one of the first brands to provide a line of natural grooming solutions for pets that are sulfate and paraben free. Petveda offers a wide range of grooming products for Dogs and cats. Petveda Dog’s and Petveda Cat’s products are natural, vegan, and animal friendly and free of toxins that may hurt the pets, preservatives free formulations are made of pure essential oil, and all the products of Petveda are made in India.

They offer a selection of grooming supplies, such as conditioners and herbal care for typical pet maladies. These products include ingredients like Vitamin – E that reduces flakiness and helps maintain healthy and clean coats of pets. The formulation of Petveda’s product is intended to be soft, safe, and effective for pets’ skin and coats.

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India’s Pet Care Market Growth Factors :

Pets are becoming an integral part of families due to the changing attitude of people towards pet humanization, the delayed parenthood experienced by the majority of urban and newlywed couples, the rise of nuclear families, double-income households, and changes in lifestyle. These factors have also contributed to the increased demand for pet care in India. International pet care brands are currently making a substantial breakthrough into the Indian market as a result of the Western market becoming saturated, creating a significant scope and commercial potential.

Indian pet care market has seen significant expansion due to the country’s rising pet ownership rate. The rabbit category is likely to expand to more than 26% estimated CAGR, a dog segment now holds the majority of the market share. Consistency of patronage for branded pet grooming products and accessories. Consumers are aware of the significance of various food and nourishment items for the development and nutrition of animals. Dog food has increased by more than 21% CAGR, which is encouraging. As a result, the market has multiplied and is projected to continue to do so in the near future.

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Conclusion :

Save to save guard your Fury friend’s health when it comes to pet care, the appropriate brand is crucial. The top 10 Indian pet care companies listed in this blog have grown in recognition for their dedication to offering high-quality goods and fostering the well-being of pets. These companies offer to avoid a variety of products to satisfy the needs of your pets, whether you are seeking wholesome pet food, grooming necessities, or herbal remedies. You can make sure that your cherished pets receive the tension they required by choosing these reliable brands.

This was our selection of the Top 10 Pet Care Brands in India in 2023. We hope this is useful to you. The order of this list is random.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What are the Top 10 Pet Care Brands in India in 2023?

Some popular Indian pet care brands are Scoopy Scrub, Captain Zack, Funky Furz, Supertails, Just Dogs, Wiggles, Pawfect.Xyz, BarkLoot, and Petveda are the Top 10 Pet Care Brands in India in 2023.

Who is the founder of the Brand Pawfect.Xyz ‘.

The founders of Pawfect.Xyz is Swapnil Shah and Udit Chug.

What kind of products at Petveda deals with? 

Petveda deals with products that are Ayurvedic in nature and are specially customized for pet dogs.


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