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Top 10 Fashion Startups in India

Snitch, Abros Shoes, Aastey, Hilo Design, Benditaa, The Mad Dresser, Flyrobe, etc, are the Top 10 Fashion Startups in India.
Top 10 Fashion Startups in India

The Indian fashion industry took a huge blow from the COVID-19 outbreak, there are thousands of clothing factories also shut down. Even 83% of export orders were cancelled during the report as per as Apparel Export Promotion Council. In 2022 the company revenue reduced as compared to the 2021 total revenue.

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But in 2023, it bounced back and performed tremendously. As per experts, it reach $15.63 billion by the end of 2023. The fashion industry in India is growing day by day. In this article, we will see some top  Fashion Startups in India.  

Here is the list of the Top 10 Fashion Startups in India


Top 10 Fashion Startups in India | Snitch

Headquartered in Bangalore, Snitch is a men’s online clothing brand founded by Siddharth Dungarwala.  It remains committed to offering cutting-edge design styles as per the latest trends.

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They also received Rs 1.5 crore at a valuation of Rs 100 crore in Shark Tank India season 2. Platform has grown millions of its user base in just 2 years.  Apart from this they also received multiple brands such as Brand of the Year in 2022. In 2023 they also received Fashion Startup of the Year. 

Abros Shoes

Top 10 Fashion Startups in India | Abros Shoes

Abros Shoes is a Gurugram-based footwear startup founded by Anil Sharma and Pramod Sharma in 2020. It is one of the top-notch and most reputed footwear brands. The platform offers high-quality shoes at an affordable price to fulfill the demands of an increasing consumer base.

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Abros is known for its trendy, fresh, and unique design footwear. Their shoe is available for everyone men, women as well and kids. 


Top 10 Fashion Startups in India | Aastey

Mumbai-based Aastey is a women’s clothing brand founded by Jeevika Tyagi and Kanupriya Mundra in 2021. It makes clothes for every type of body. They started the company when they realized that women in India still face body image issues, and they also noticed that lots of fast fashion brands are not environmentally conscious.

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To resolve this issue company makes clothes in all sizes for women, so everyone can feel good. They also have a community of more than 250,000 women. 

Hilo Design

Top 10 Fashion Startups in India | Hilo Design

Hilo Design is a Hyderabad-based Men’s brand founded by Mouna Gummadi and Sahith Gummadi in 2019. The platform provides every type of size and style for all body personalities.

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It offer Shirts, kurtas,  sherwani, nehru jackets, blazers and more. It aims to provide luxurious designs and the best quality at a reasonable price. 


Top 10 Fashion Startups in India | Relove

Relove is a Mumbai-based clothing brand founded by Kirti Poonia and Prateek Gupta in 2021. The Platform offers resale technology which helps brands attract new customers and build deep customer loyalty.

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It partnered with more than 40 brands in multiple sectors such as women’s apparel, kidswear, men’s apparel, and jewelry. In 2022, it secured funding of $700k from multiple investors such as Utsav Agarwal, Blume Ventures, Anita Dongre, Aakrit Vaish, and more. 


Top 10 Fashion Startups in India | Blissclub

Blissclub is a Bengaluru-based clothing brand founded by Minu Margeret in 2020. It is an activewear brand for Indian women. The platform for creating products that work well is high-tech and new.

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Blissclub Started when the founder didn’t find workout clothes that fit her needs. Eventually, some were comfortable but not stretchable, and others stretched but weren’t comfy.

He Spoke

Top 10 Fashion Startups in India | He Spoke

He Spoke is a Bengaluru-based platform founded by Prem Shah and Sonal Jain in 2021. It is a Men’s fashion brand that offers Trending shirts and kurtas for men.

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According to the company, they are the first men’s brand that introduce a new collection every 100 hours. 


Top 10 Fashion Startups in India | Flyrobe

Flyrobe is a Mumbai-based on-demand apparel brand founded by Pranay Surana, Shreya Mishra, and Tushar Saxena in 2015. The platform provides rent clothes from designer labels and luxury brands for both men and women.

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It offers dresses, lehengas, accessories,  blazers, kurtas, tuxedos, sherwani and more. Apart from this they also provide in-store trials before you rent a dress. 

The Mad Dresser

Top 10 Fashion Startups in India | The Mad Dresser

The Mad Dresser is a Gurugram-based clothing platform founded by Tanvi Gupta, Vanshika Gupta, and Prachi Gupta in 2020. It is an online personal styling and shopping service provider. The company works with a unique model, it doesn’t advertise clothing and accessories on its website, just like others.

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Instead of this, they send personalized TMD Box to your door. This box contains clothes curated by their stylists based on users’ likes and preferences. 


Top 10 Fashion Startups in India | Benditaa

Benditaa is a Mumbai-based fashion brand founded by Richa Thakker Desai in 2021. The founders send meaningful messages with their clothes. it offers Western clothes for women, men, and kids.

The company’s mission is to spread a positive message to the world, especially for kids. It promotes values like friendship, girl power, sisterhood, and more.  

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The fashion industry is involved day by day whether it’s in India or outside of India. As technology is introduced in the fashion industry they are giving other level boosting to the fashion industry.  After the pandemic fashion industry bounced back and performed best in the market. Overall the future of the fashion industry is bright.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which type of Challenges are faced by the Fashion Industry?

The fashion Industry faces multiple types of challenges such as Time-to-market, Inflation Raw material prices, Product lifetime management, etc.

Who founded Relove?

It was founded by Kirti Poonia and Prateek Gupte. 

Which are the Top 10 Fashion Startups in India?

Snitch, Abros Shoes, Aastey, Hilo Design, Benditaa, The Mad Dresser, Flyrobe, etc, are the Top 10 Fashion Startups in India.


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