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[Funding alert] Thena Secures $5 Mn Seed Funding from Lightspeed and First Round Capital

Lightspeed and First Round Capital have invested $5 million in Thena, a platform for customer analytics and communication.

Lightspeed and First Round Capital have invested $5 million in Thena, a platform for customer analytics and communication.

Thena’s communications systems tackle B2B customers’ concerns. Teams can use Slack to locate, track, and measure consumer requests. Analysing data and customer connectivity was previously done manually. Zendesk, HubSpot, and Salesforce are integrated, as per reported by PRWeb.

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“The inevitable shift is here. Business communication is moving from email to messaging platforms, and we’re on the front lines helping organizations meet their customers where they already work,” “But it goes beyond better management of communications and relationships. Our AI models synthesize data across communication channels, equipping companies with their own fine-tuned models that enable them to make customer-centric decisions at scale and improve bottom line”.said Ankit Saxena, CEO and co-founder of Thena.

Meka Asonye, Partner at First Round, said , “as business communication moves from email to messaging, B2B companies need to be where their customers are. We’re thrilled to back Thena and excited to see them turn platforms like Slack and Teams intro true customer communication channels with the analytics and integrations companies need to better serve their customers.”

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Hemant Mohapatra, Partner at Lightspeed added, “Thena not only has an inspirational vision and mission, but its core team has previously scaled a $100M ARR business from the ground up, proving their ability to build through market cycles with tenacity, innovation, and speed. Their vision of the future of all customer communication – from static to dynamic; from passive to real time; from manual to AI-first – was extremely compelling and we are excited to get started.”

“The market demand is already massive and growing every day. As soon as businesses learn that a service like Thena exists, they sign on,”. “Thena is different from any startup I’ve been a part of because there’s such a pull from the market that has naturally fallen into using Slack and Teams to engage with customers. We don’t need to convince people that the future of B2B communications will occur on real-time messaging channels or of the potential market size. We can immediately spend our time on building the best product and solving our customers’ most critical challenges.” said Mike Molinet, co-founder of Thena.

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About Lightspeed

Lightspeed has supported start-ups and assisted in the development of a number of future-focused businesses, such as Snap, Hasura, OYO, Affirm, AppDynamics, Nutanix, Supabase, Byju’s, and Udaan.

About Thena

Thena gives businesses a platform to track customer complaints in messaging platforms, get visibility into customer interactions, and connect those channels to other systems like Zendesk and Salesforce, enabling them to manage their customer channels at scale.

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About First Round Capital

The company connects founders who are just getting started with the knowledge and resources they need to make their first hires, build their first product, and find their first customers through tailored programs, a thriving community, custom-built software, and content that offers unique company-building advice.

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