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Swiggy launches accelerator programme for delivery partners

Swiggy launches accelerator programme for delivery partners

Food delivery platform Swiggy has launched an accelerator programme that allows its delivery executives to transition into full-time, managerial-level jobs with a fixed salary and added benefits.

Swiggy said in a statement that as part of its ‘Step-Ahead’ programme, it aims to provide opportunities to executives who wish to move from their existing flexible engagement with the company to a dedicated, managerial role.

Swiggy also said that it is formalizing the process and intends to reserve at least 20 percent of all fleet managers for its delivery executives.

“While most may consider their association with the platform as a stop-gap between jobs or an education, or even an additional source of income, we realise that there are some who want more”, said, Mihir Rajesh Shah, Vice President, Operations, Swiggy.

“With ‘Step Ahead’, Swiggy is creating a unique opportunity for those interested to flip their collar from blue to white and take on a managerial role”, he added.

SoftBank-backed Indian food delivery startup Swiggy has over 2.7 lakh delivery partners across the country.

To be eligible for the role of Fleet Manager, the Bangalore-based company said, a Swiggy Delivery Executive must have a “college degree, communication skills and basic computer knowledge and must have delivered with Swiggy for a few years”.

Swiggy also said that it is also looking at reducing the tenure requirement with the company to around 2 years and over the years, several delivery executives have joined the platform as Fleet Managers.

The company said that at present services such as accident insurance and medical cover, personal loan, legal aid, COVID income support, emergency assistance, income support during recovery from accident or illness, bereavement leave, maternity cover, period leave are being offered to its delivery partners.

About Swiggy

Swiggy is India’s leading on-demand delivery platform with a tech-first approach to logistics and a solution-first approach to consumer demands. With a presence in 500 cities across India, partnerships with hundreds of thousands of restaurants, an employee base of over 5000, and a 2 lakh+ strong independent fleet of Delivery Executives, we deliver unparalleled convenience driven by continuous innovation.

Built on the back of robust ML technology and fuelled by terabytes of data processed every day, Swiggy offers a fast, seamless and reliable delivery experience for millions of customers across India. From starting out as a hyperlocal food delivery service in 2014 to becoming a logistics hub of excellence today, their capabilities result not only in lightning-fast delivery for customers but also in a productive and fulfilling experience for their employees. With Swiggy’s New Supply and the recent launches of Swiggy Instamart, Swiggy Genie, and Health Hub, they are consistently making waves in the market.



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