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School students started AI based Startup || BASCH AI-generated videos from text in minutes ||

Videos are great for getting attention online but what if you could create them in minutes without any video skills? Now you can! Create AI-generated videos with realistic human voices and faces.

Four school students started BASCH AI based platform to create / generate videos from text in minutes. Viraj Chhajed and his friends Digvijay Rathore and Reshav Pandey were exploring interesting stuff about AI, SaaS and Build-In-Public trend. They wanted to build something cool and came across this interesting domain of synthetic media and they decided to create something valuable in this emerging domain. They quickly did a smokescreen MVP launch within 6 days of coming up with the Idea.

Viraj said that “We were blown by the response! Everyone was tweeting about us! Even the Co-founder of, Shivam Mangla (Forbes 30 under 30) praised us and tweeted about us! After receiving so many signups and awesome response from the tech twitter and Indie hackers community we decided to start developing the product”.

Founders of BASCH

Co-founders Digvijay Rathore and Krish Shah look into the tech side of things and Viraj Chhajed and Reshav Pandey look into the business and growth side of things. All the co-founders even though are just 16 or 17 years old have already ran startups in past. Digvijay founded Kotaru (A note taking app that he later pivoted to a blockchain app), Reshav Pandey founded (A growth marketing and content agency), Krish created Halo Smartwatch (A Heart ability LOG & operator) and Viraj Chhajed founded (A company that provided Augmented and Virtual reality solutions to real estate businesses).

BASCH do not have any full time employee or intern because they are trying to keep the team very crisp. They jokingly say that we are building the next paypal mafia.

According to Viraj, the ability to continuously take risk and fail has helped them reach where they are. In retrospect failure always was just a stepping stone to success. They always strive to fail, but each time they want to fail bigger and better than the previous attempt. And all these failures within no time compound to success.

“Risk is always a very common element in startups and to be honest there is no fun and adventure in startups without risk.  All founders are 16-17 year olds and work at BASCH alongside their school. There is always risk to our grades, social life and all other aspects of a normal teenage life. But being young has its own perks too; there is very minimal time and financial risk involved” Viraj Chhajed said.

BASCH currently have developed MVP and have around 50 Industry experts from different domains Beta testing on the product. BASCH want to make this product as value-adding as possible and therefore they are constantly iterating the MVP on the feedback from the Beta Testers.

BASCH haven’t picked a particular niche because their product cuts across horizontal rather than cutting a specific vertical, currently firm are creating this for Creators and Corporations because BASCH believe that synthetic media could prove revolutionary for them.

Even though BASCH has been in negotiations with 2 Venture Capital firms but not yet raised any funds. BASCH is completely bootstrapped as of now but startup is considering the offer and planning to raise funds in coming 2-3 months.



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