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Kuku FM partners with WhizCo for Influencer Activities & Campaigns

Kuku FM partners with WhizCo for Influencer Activities & Campaigns

India’s top influencer marketing and creative management company, WhizCo, has announced a partnership with Kuku FM, the country’s top podcasting service, for an influencer marketing campaign. This partnership aims to promote Kuku FM’s extensive library of audiobooks, podcasts, talk programmes, stories, and other audio programming.

WhizCo provided full influencer campaign management as part of the collaboration, including selecting, assessing, and enrolling influencers as well as conceptualising the campaign, getting input, and monitoring its effectiveness, as per reported by IndianWeb2.

WhizCo brought together YouTube influencers from various genres to create a Video Integration campaign for Kuku FM that integrates product ads into the influencers’ videos. WhizCo helped promote Kuku FM by shortlisting the best influencers and providing creative direction. WhizCo contacted YouTube creators and influencers who could improve Kuku FM’s brand awareness.

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“We are so thrilled to be collaborating with Kuku FM and devising influencer marketing campaigns for them. Everything about the campaign, from conceptualizing to executing this campaign, was really fun and exciting, and I’m glad we were able to meet the expectations and goals of the brand. We look forward to creating and designing more such campaigns for Kuku Fm,” said Prerna Goel, Co-Founder, and Chief Marketing Officer, WhizCo.

One of the top influencer marketing and creative management firms in India is WhizCo. The company has also entered Live Commerce and begun collaborating with India’s top e-commerce platforms for Live Commerce campaigns. The agency currently manages over 10K content creators across practically all short-video apps and social media platforms in the nation.

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“Working with Whizco has been amazing. Their team who understands the brand requirements and needs is truly amazing! Deepanshu from Whizco went beyond his work hours to get things done for us. They provide you with insights and suggestions, which you otherwise don’t think of. My experience has been amazing” said Rahul Chiplunkar, Influencer Marketing Manager at Kuku FM.

About WhizCo

WhizCo is a creative Digital Marketing Agency in Delhi. With years of expertise and experience, they are specialised in providing effective Creator Management, Social Media Marketing, and Influencer Marketing services.

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About KuKu FM

The Mumbai-based Kuku FM is a leading audio content platform that creates, produces, markets and distributes exclusive premium audio content in the form of audiobooks, stories, summaries, courses and more categories through its mobile app and website available on Android and iOS.

Kuku FM hosts 150,000 hours of content in a wide range of fiction and non-fiction genres, such as self-help, education, entertainment, personal finance, spirituality, inspiration and history.


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