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Khatabook launches ‘Naam Hi Kafi Hain’ campaign: MSME Day

Khatabook launches ‘Naam Hi Kafi Hain’ campaign: MSME Day

On the occasion of the International MSME Day, Khatabook releases its most recent brand campaign, Naam Hi Kafi Hai, which honours small companies. The #NaamHiKafiHain theme of this two-week long multi-video digital media campaign honours MSMEs for delivering a distinctive customer experience through interpersonal connections.

Local businesses in India rely on customer loyalty, and their names alone can indicate that loyalty. Examples include Jaylaxmi sweets, Amulya provision storse, and Naaz tailors, among many other daily-use merchants.

In India, MSMEs develop and enjoy a strong brand value and awareness in the niche they service. Khatabook’s #NaamHiKafiHain campaign recognises this special feature of small enterprises.

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In an effort to get consumers to support small local companies, Khatabook started the “Dil Se Local” campaign last year. Naam Hi Kaafi Hai advances the “Dil Se Local” campaign idea by concentrating on a particular feature of small businesses that strengthens our connections to neighbourhood businesses.

Contrary to major corporations’ technology-driven customer experiences, small businesses’ focus on human engagement with customers results in superior customer experiences. The foundation of MSMEs’ service delivery is social interaction and personal attention.

The ad includes of a video that focuses on the names of the businesses and declares, “Kyuki Inka to bas naam hi kaafi hai,” or “Their name is enough for us to trust them with our day-to-day purchases.” This video speaks about the quality and value to the client. Teaser videos were used to introduce the campaign before a campaign video was unveiled on MSME Day.

“Through this new campaign, we want to share authentic stories of Local business heroes and emphasize on the role they play in our lives. The campaign will remind the audience of the local businesses they purchase their supplies from, be it Guptaji ki sweets, Rambhai Ki Chai, or Babu ke vegetables. We want to celebrate this distinct aspect of MSMEs in India and our relationship with the local businesses. On this MSME day, we are also launching our MSMEs Video stories series called “Business Hua Easy” focusing on their journey, struggles, and how digital is helping them”, Commenting on the launch of the campaign, Ved Prakash Yadav, Head of Marketing and Growth, Khatabook said.

In the first week of July, Khatabook will also broadcast a video narrative on Ramesh and Dinesh Sirvee, the proprietors of Bangalore’s Aaiji Super Mart, as a part of its “Business hua Easy” video story series. The narrative series, which was introduced as a component of the MSME Day promotion, will concentrate on the journey and difficulties MSMEs encounter as well as how they use the Khatabook App to expand their businesses and be more ambitious.

Khatabook also recently closed a $60 Million Series C Round (after a $25 Million Series A round in 2019 and Series B Round soon after) and are backed by the top investors in the business.

About Khatabook

Founded in January 2019, Khatabook is the world’s fastest-growing Saas company. It has become India’s leading business management app for MSMEs with 13 languages & 50M+ downloads in a remarkably short period of time. Founded by four IIT-Bombay grads, Ravish Naresh, Dhanesh Kumar, Jaideep Poonia & Ashish Sonone, Khatabook is led by Ravish Naresh, Co-founder, and COO at, one of India’s most significant property listing websites. Khatabook enables micro, small and medium merchants to track business transactions safely and securely. It also offers features such as online payment collection through UPI and QR; sending periodic reminders to creditors via messages and report generation.

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Today, Khatabook has become a household name. Merchants are using the app extensively while adding $200 Million worth of transactions every day. The high engagement has resulted in more than 25% of the total active merchants joining the platform through word-of-mouth and referrals. Their users recovered billions stuck in credit in six months, significantly impacting India’s MSME sector.


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