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Kanyakumari to Kashmir cycling ride to support Save Soil Movement

A 21-year-old youngster from Jaipur, Hrithik Saini becomes an inspiration for the youth by completing his solo cycling expeditions of 3800 kms from Kanyakumari to Kashmir for spreading awareness about soil degradation.

To support the movement called Save Soil by “Isha Foundation” and spread the message of saving soil to every nook and corner of the country, Hrithik Saini traveled alone on a cycle from Kanyakumari to Kashmir on 22 February.

“Save Soil” movement is a campaign started by Sadhguruji who is a Yogi and Guru and founder of ‘Isha Foundation’.

Sadhguru traveled over 30,000 kms on a single motorbike across 24 countries to demonstrate the support of Save Soil for over 3.5 billion people.

Hrithik started this journey from Kanyakumari, where he also recorded some moments of his journey on his camera.

Kanyakumari to Kashmir cycling ride to support Save Soil Movement
Save Soil Movement

During his travels many people asked him the reason behind traveling, Hrithik explained and made people aware of the Save Soil movement.

Hrithik told that during the journey he went to many schools and asked the students there what they want to become in the future?

Hrithik says that many students told that they want to become doctors, and some engineers but no one said that they want to become farmers. Hrithik says that in today’s time farmers need youth the most. Only youth can bring new inventions in agriculture which can make farming easy and profitable.

During the last leg of the journey, when he was going to Srinagar, Hrithik told that his documents were checked by the Indian Army personnel in view of the increasing night and security. The soldiers helped him in which they gave their things like drinking water and sleeping bags.

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